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272106_l_srgb_s_gl.jpgJoin our webinar: "SAP Audit Management: Moving beyond assurance" at 3.00pm BST/4.00pm CEST on Thursday,10th April 2014.


Major analysts agree that the expectations and pressures upon internal audit departments are increasing. Traditional methods of auditing are no longer sufficient. But how do you utilise technology appropriately?


Hosted by Chris Johnston, Senior Director and Bruce Carpenter, VP Corporate Audit, SAP and featuring Owen Purcell, Lead Partner Risk, Ernst & Young, this webinar will:


  • Discuss the increased expectations on auditors.
  • Examine the advantages of using mobile technology for audit management.
  • Explore how SAP Audit Management, powered by SAP HANA, can streamline and enhance your auditing processes.


Join this webinar to hear Senior Executives from Ernst & Young and SAP discussing today’s reality and how SAP can help transform internal audit departments with the next generation of audit solutions.


Please join us on Thursday 10th April 2014, 3.00pm BST/4.00pm CEST


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Long URL: http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=765639&s=1&k=CF1F27B8103D23731BFCEF7A68FAAD97&partnerref=SCN

275695_l_srgb_s_gl.jpgJoin our webinar: "Fighting Fraud with Data: insights from SAP and PwC" at 10.00am BST/11.00am CEST on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014.


The fact that economic crime is an ever-present risk to businesses hasn't changed, but the ways in which these types of crimes are perpetrated and detected has. Over the last few years, we've seen some significant shifts in the fraud landscape. Technology plays a big part in this, both as a means to commit fraud, but also in advancements in detection.


Join this SAP and PwC webinar where:-

  • James Rashleigh, Director in PwC's Forensic Data Analysis Business, will provide insight into how fraud is changing and how we can use data to detect fraud within organisations.
  • Michael Heckner, Senior Director, SAP will share how the SAP Fraud Management analytic application, powered by the SAP HANA platform, part of SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), can help you stay ahead of the fraudsters and protect your business against fraud, waste and abuse.  


Discover the latest trends and learn how you can transition from reactive to pro-active mode by leveraging a state of the art fraud detection and investigation tool. Understand how to mitigate financial losses, as well as how to apply measures to deter future fraudulent situations.


Please join us on Wednesday 2nd April 2014, 10.00am BST/11.00am CEST


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Long url: http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=765633&s=1&k=D554536A1AC496310FD14C1D91B6161E&partnerref=SCN

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When it comes to adopting an innovative solution, a lot hinges on how it works with the unique way that your organization does business. Speed and dependability are often the key indicators of success. For IT, it means better solutions deployed in less time and without disruption.

Many of our customers have since invented new possibilities with SAP HANA and have done so with help from SAP Active Global Support (AGS).

As part of the premium support engagements offered by SAP AGS, you can now take advantage of the Innovation Control Center (ICC) approach which helps accelerate your SAP HANA implementations, optimize IT operations and innovate business processes to become a best-run business. The ICC approach is based on SAP best practices which help you to minimize customization and to meet business requirements on standard SAP software code, as well as to reduce IT complexity. You can also minimize maintenance costs and put yourself in a better position to quickly capitalize on innovative new solutions that integrate with your standardized environment –such as applications powered by the SAP HANA platform.

We invite you to join this live webinar where our SAP support experts will share this game changing and unique Control center concept, the SAP HANA migration methodology and the SAP HANA transition services that can secure your SAP HANA project implementation.

About our expert speakers :

  • Joerg Rudat is the Chief Support Architect Innovation for SAP AGS in the EMEA region. He is primarily responsible for driving the new ICC approach and Innovation topics.
  • Andreas Macho is Support Director for SAP AGS and leads the SAP Mission Control Center for HANA in EMEA.

Predictive Analytics Leadership & Innovation

Q4 SAP Predictive Analytics Roadmap Webinar with Mike Watschke


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SAP has continued its leadership in the predictive analytics space with the acquisition of KXEN, now an SAP company and with a strategic partnership announcement with SAS. These moves demonstrate SAP’s commitment to leadership and innovation in the predictive analytics space.

Join Mike Watschke, Sr. Director Global COE for Predictive Analytics at SAP as he discusses the reasons behind these strategic announcements as they apply to product development and integration roadmaps as well as how you, the customer stand to benefit! In this webcast you will learn:

  • Why SAP has acquired KXEN
  • Where the predictive analytics roadmap is headed
  • How the SAS partnership agreement stands to benefit both SAP and SAS customers
  • What you can expect from next generation predictive analytics and applications


Whether you are a customer of SAP, KXEN or SAS or just interested in bringing predictive insights into your business, this session will answer all of your questions about why SAP predictive analytics is the next generation leader in advanced analytics.



SAP HANA is the only platform that can renovate existing systems while enabling innovation to meet future business needs – without disrupting current service levels.  The goal of SAP HANA is to simplify your business and technology landscape, while allowing you to execute faster and react smarter.


Join us online on November 13 to learn how SAP HANA can help you bring together the power of in-memory computing, Apache Hadoop, predictive analytics, text mining, and spatial analytics, and a full suite of powerful modeling technologies, to extract value from your Big Data.


During the webcast, we will cover the benefits of the SAP HANA platform, and how you can:

  • Build an entirely new set of applications for new business opportunities
  • Redefine business models
  • Enter new markets


Plus, we’ll also cover how SAP HANA can help you:

  • Adapt to emerging market trends without disrupting current service levels to the business
  • Renew existing applications and unleash next-generation applications without trade-offs
  • Transform your business with an open, adaptable framework that preserves choice and flexibility
  • Simplify deployment planning with one source and one roadmap for applications, databases, and data services


Speaker: Jeffrey Word PhD, VP of Product Strategy at SAP, Database & Technology

Date: Wednesday November 13, 2013 @11:00 a.m. EDT


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Making Predictive Analytics Pervasive with the Cloud


Recent independent research shows that the power of predictive analytics in the cloud to transform business results is clear. As more organizations transform themselves using predictive analytics in the cloud, the race is on to make predictive analytics pervasive, improving every aspect of operations.


Come hear from James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, as he presents results from recent research into the trends, opportunities and use cases for predictive analytics in the cloud. You will learn:

  • Which opportunities deliver the best return
  • What are the key drivers and obstacles
  • How to plan for your predictive future


You will also see how SAP's predictive analytic solutions can scale throughout your organization in a low-touch, cost-effective way as Mani Gill of SAP will present the latest predictive analytics in the cloud solutions from SAP.



Harnessing a large volume of customer and transactional data is a major challenge – but using that Big Data for customer-centric decision making can set you apart from the pack.



How can you as a retailer more effectively use customer insights to drive profitable merchandising processes?



Find out how you can use Big Data and analytics to gain predictive insights during our Webcast on October 29, 2013. We’ll cover how to:

  • Turn Big Data into big business opportunities with predictive analytics
  • Leverage Big Data to understand customer behaviors
  • Use predictive analytics to improve promotions, prices, product affinities, and forecasting



Customer insights gained from Big Data can help retailers connect one-to-one with consumers and build loyalty – register today to join us online and discover innovative uses for your data.



Our speakers include:

  • David Ginsberg, Head of Data Science, SAP
  • Nancy Casey, VP of Retail Customer-Centric Merchandising Solutions, SAP
  • Joern Keller, VP of Retail Development, SAP



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. PDT



Predictive analytics make it possible for companies to forecast customer behavior, potential risks, product associations and demand. But it’s usually been considered only for those with a specialized approach to identify anomalies.

To succeed in creating effective predictive analytics models that generate actionable findings, organizations need to develop a strategy that ties the technology to business operations in a more pervasive and comprehensive approach throughout the enterprise – and not just for the few.

Join SAP and CGT for a Webinar on October 23, 2013, to learn:

  • What processes can be leveraged to drive better enterprise decisions
  • How to leverage internal data to maximize the information coming from the new mobile and social channels
  • How a comprehensive assessment of analytics requirements and capabilities will enable you to identify and retain your best customers
  • How predictive analytics and business intelligence can be effective in segmenting a customer base and influencing a range of desired customer behaviors



October 23, 2013

2:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. PDT



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Empower Your Business By Creating, Visualizing, and Sharing Your Data Webinar

Compete in today’s market with business intelligence. Grow and transform your business using SAP Crystal Solutions 2013.


Access to Businesses Intelligence (BI), both in the office and via mobile, is an area of top priority for future investment among SMEs, according to recent study by Oxford Economics.


With the rapid globalization of the market it has become necessary-especially so for SMEs to transform in order to stay ahead of their competition, achieve longevity, and ensure sustainable growth. In their study, Oxford Economics found that over two-thirds of SMEs have reported a measureable return on tech investment.

Don’t miss this webcast:

Join us Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 11AM EST for the webcast: Empower Your Business By Creating, Visualizing, and Sharing Your Data. Our speaker, Paul Clark, will discuss how SAP Crystal 2013 solutions can provide businesses the transformation they need to compete in the today’s global market.

In this Webcast:

  • Learn about the value and importance of integrating BI solutions (in the office and on mobile devices) as supported by your peers.
  • Hear how these solutions can empower your business with tools such as reporting, dashboards, data discovery, visual analysis, and mobile access to these tools.
  • Discover the benefits and flexibility of the products within the SAP Crystal 2013 portfolio.
  • Understand how SAP Crystal 2013 solutions can provide your business the BI tools you need to grow and compete.



Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time: 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT

Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A)


Hosted by SAPinsider, sponsored by SAP


Data Management Organizations (DMOs) are almost always formed through an urgent need to apply talent and attention to business relevant data issues. Successful DMOs mature in capability and evolve their contribution to support relevant business challenges.  Join us for this informative webinar to learn about the evolution of the ConAgra Foods DMO to establish information trust through the development of systems, technology infrastructure and organizational capabilities.


In this presentation you will learn:

• How to recognize the limitations of your organization’s current information state

• How to establish new goals and objectives that support the business

• How to re-organize and improve skills within your organization to suit new challenges

• How to identify the variables to maintain a focus on delivering information trust to the business

• How SAP solutions pave way for establishing information trust through data governance



Winnie Li

Upping Your Analytics IQ

Posted by Winnie Li Sep 30, 2013

It’s a data-driven world and analytics skills are critical. Yet less than 10% of decision makers use analytics to support decisions today.

Even more concerning, Gartner projects the need for analytics by enterprise employees to grow to 50% by 2014, and 75% by 2020. How will you identify and enable employees who need to improve their analytics skills?

Join us for a Webinar on “Upping Your Analytics IQ” on October 30, 2013, for best practices in evaluating and improving analytics skills for competitive advantage.

During the Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of the analytics continuum and skills needed to apply analytics
  • What to look for in new or potential employees
  • How to assess your employees analytics capabilities and aptitudes
  • Strategies to address key challenges in upgrading skills and enable continuous improvement




Time: 1:00 p.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. PDT

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Upgrade

One suite for all insight, one place for all information and one standard for enterprise BI.


Discover new updates and features of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that and combines core stability and capability improvements.


This newest BI suite platform combines key innovations, product advances from BI 4.0, and re-introduced features from XI R2 and XI 3.

From users of Business Information Warehouse (BW), OEM BI, to XI R2 and XI 3, learn about the benefits SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1 can bring to your organization.

REGISTER HERE and join us Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 11AM EST for the webcast: SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Upgrade

In this Webcast, learn about:

  • New and updated SDKs enabling customers and partners to integrate and extend all aspects of BI into their existing IT ecosystem
  • Enhanced migration tools to facilitate smooth upgrade from XI R2 and XI 3
  • Direct dimensional connection for Crystal Reports to HANA
  • Automatic universe generation on HANA views
  • Additional database support, including better BI for Oracle with support for Oracle Exadata, Oracle OLAP and Oracle Essbase
  • Support for unstructured Big Data with connectivity to Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce (EMR) Hive added to SAP’s existing Hadoop Hive data access
  • Expanded SAP BusinessObjects Mobile capabilities for all content types
  • Repository Deskl content support to bridge transition from Deskl to BI 4
Yesterday, Waldemar Adams enlightened us on The Benefits of an Enterprise-Wide Analytics Strategy. 
He mentioned 5 signs that indicate that your organisation DOESN’T have a BIStrategy:-
  1. The BI Strategy consists of a BI architecture slide
  2. IT is asking the business what reports they need
  3. Step one is building a data warehouse
  4. None of the BI team members can articulate the company business strategy
  5. There are no metrics defined to measure progress
If you nodded your head to any of these signs, you NEED to listen to this recording! He wrapped up by mentioning one more thing…that BI4.1
is GA…oh no actually TWO things but we’ll forgive him! The second important announcement that he made is that the recently launched BI Academy Site provides customers with important info that they need for a successful upgrade to BI4.0 or BI4.1. Do yourself a favor and visit this site if you're planning to upgrade!
Yep, we weren't joking when we said we're going BIG this month! Next week, we have Timo Elliott joining us to remind us of all the changes that are happening in the world of BI!
25 September 2013
Time:13h00 - 14h00 (Central African Time)
Speaker:Timo Elliott - Technology Evangelist, SAP
"The last few years have seen massive changes in BI technology and user expectations. If you had the luxury of starting your BI initiatives from scratch today, I would recommend a very different architecture than what most of us have in place. In this session, I will look at the key BI trends, the disruptions they may mean for your business, and give examples of companies that have successfully adapted their BI strategy to take account of the new opportunities"
Timo Elliot:
Timo Elliott is an innovation evangelist and international conference speaker who presents to IT and business audiences around the world on the latest trends in information strategy and technology.

His popular Business Analytics blog at timoelliott.com tracks innovation in analytics and social media, including topics such as big data, collaborative decision-making, and social analytics.
A 22-year veteran of SAP BusinessObjects, Elliott works closely with SAP research and innovation centers around the world on new technology prototypes. Prior to Business Objects, Elliott was a computer consultant in Hong Kong and led analytics projects for Shell in New Zealand. He holds a first-class honors degree in Economics with Statistics from Bristol University, England.
Remember that this Webinar is open to all user groups!! Make sure you REGISTER! The DIAL-IN details for all countries can be found here and here's a link to the time converter in case you're in a different timezone.
If you're looking to keep up with the trends happening in BI you might want to put a  "DO NOT DISTURB" sign up! You REALLY SHOULDN'T miss this one-hour Webcast!
Follow the African SAP User Group at @AFSUG and #AnalyticsSIG on twitter.

How to deliver innovation and run your business applications better with SAP?



In this world of Big Data and real-time business, how do you deliver trusted data and deeper insights that your business users need, while reducing the complexity and cost of your IT landscape?


Join us for an interactive Webcast on September 24, 2013 to find out how.

Date:  Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time:  2:00 PM EDT

Duration : 60-minutes


Data volumes are exploding and the cost of computing memory is plummeting. How can your IT organization leverage the key technology trends and innovations to boost business performance in today’s fast-changing competitive environment – while reducing TCO?

A flexible technology platform is key, and our real-time data platform delivers an adaptable, extensible, and open enterprise platform and infrastructure that enables you to innovate at your own pace. In this webcast we will discuss how SAP can help you integrate a real time data platform into your business and provide your customers with additional value. 


Sybase ASE / Real time data platform (RTDP) is one of our fastest growing database products in the market, and at the forefront of SAP’s strategy to win mission critical, Tier 1 “OLTP” workloads in the enterprise. Join us to understand more about how Sybase ASE can help your organization and your customers.


Register here!


Registration URL: http://bit.ly/1817lUg

Offer Your Customers the Benefits of a World-Class, Affordable ERP


Solution Partners like OEMs and ISVs: Learn about this new opportunity to partner with SAP with SAP Business One in this on-demand webcast.


SAP is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity to further leverage our leading ERP technology platforms by embedding SAP Business One into your solutions.


SAP Business One is designed to help your customers better manage every aspect of their company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. It’s available as an on-premise solution or can be hosted by you – the choice is yours.



View the replay to learn more about SAP Business One and what’s in it for you, including:


  • Opportunity to enter new markets and benefit from rapid ROI
  • Flexible pricing and licensing to meet specific market and customer needs
  • Greater value for your customers by offering the ongoing innovation and extended functionality available for SAP Business One
  • Low support and development costs






Bill Walker

Global Program Manager, SAP Business One OEM




Paul Killingsworth

Director of SAP Business One Partner Enablement



Replay URL:http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=678968&s=1&k=9A827834D4F0E52EF9ACB972B91B53BB&partnerref=SCNOnDemand&&sourcepage=register&std8=CRM-XU13-OEM-Q3B1HWC&t=1


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