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SCN Reputation Program Overview


SAP Community Network (SCN) is a dynamic, diverse community. Being part of this vibrant, passionate community is like being part of a family. As you become active on SCN, you will grow your knowledge, build an expert reputation and make friends.

Regular participation is important for getting the most out of your engagement within the community. Not only do you receive ongoing feedback and interactive discussions, but being active on SCN is also a rewarding experience. To support the experience, we have established a reputation program with game mechanics to measure activity, thank you for contributions, help you establish credibility and visibility as a leader in the community -- while having fun.




Building Your Reputation: Points and Status

Once you’ve become a member of SCN, you start accumulating lifetime points. These points never expire and are displayed at the top of page next to your name.  SCN awards points to you when you contribute, or when you complete "missions."


You receive additional points when community members recognize the value of your quality contributions by "liking" or giving good ratings to your content.  If you regularly contribute, you will increase your chances of reaching the leaderboard of your Topic Space (based on the points in the last twelve months).


Note that you are able to contribute in your “Personal Space” as well. However, that area does not earn you points and will not show up in search. SCN assigns points for discussion messages marked as correct or helpful answers, blog posts, documents and wiki contributions. More detailed information can be found in the SCN Reputation Program FAQ.




All SCN members receive a level status based on their lifetime points. As you participate and accumulate points, you have a chance to celebrate achieving a higher-level status. There are ten levels: they begin with Glass (0-4 points) and continue to Diamond (15,000+ points).




A "mission" is like a virtual scavenger hunt, assigning you with one or more activities to complete that earn points and badges. These activities range from providing feedback on content to writing a blog post, or answering a question, or being recognized as an influencer and thought leader. Completion of a mission can result in points with a badge, points only, or a badge only. Examples of missions include the “I Was Here” mission, the “I Blogged!” mission, the “Answer Hero Plus” mission, and more.

Review SCN missions: List of SCN Missions and Previous/Retired SCN Missions.




Badges are icons you earn once you’ve completed a mission. These symbols give you an opportunity to display where you have been during your SCN journey, as well as which accomplishments you’ve achieved.


Increased Visibility

Visibility in the community is key. Whether you are an SAP customer, partner or employee, you should take advantage of the opportunity to build your reputation within the community. Showcasing your expertise has its benefits in terms of career growth, networking, and overall personal reputation. The biggest influencers -- known by their actions, expertise and helpfulness -- are sponsored as SAP Mentors, receiving free admission to SAP events.


So how can you increase your visibility?


The first step is to maintain your user profile. Your user profile provides other members valuable information about your experience, recently created content, the people and places you follow. The reputation tab will be the place where you shine, highlighting recent contribution points, missions and badges earned, topic expertise, and ranking among the community and your connections.


The second step is to give back by contributing high-quality content to SCN. The SCN platform is social and you will be recognized for your actions. The best content is prominently featured on the site. You may be recognized formally as “Member of the Month," or your peers may nominate you to become an SAP Mentor.



Additionally, SCN Moderators are always on the hunt for subject-matter experts with strong community spirit to join their ranks. Display those characteristics and you, too, may be nominated for the role!

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