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Topic Spaces and Personal Spaces

Primer on SCN Topic Spaces

SCN is organized into more than 450 Topic Spaces, which support small, self-contained communities. These communities are typically focused on a topic, SAP product, or industry. Each space contains a complete set of social-networking tools, including a discussion forum, blogging area, and area where you can publish and collaborate on documents.


As a logged-on member, you can go to any space in the SCN landscape. However, it’s likely that you'll be most interested in visiting and following a particular set of spaces that reflect your range of interests and where like-minded members share your interests.


SCN Topic Spaces also deliver the latest news from SAP and the community. In these spaces, you can interact with peers, earn points for your contributions, and establish your reputation as being an expert on certain topics.


The SCN Welcome Page

This is the place to get an overview of all the activity on SCN. Curated and edited by our SCN Editors, this area gives you insights into the latest SAP technologies, news and announcements. You can’t create content here, but you can catch the community's top stories.




Topic Spaces

Topic Spaces are like community clubhouses. Most likely, you'll develop a set of favorite spaces that you'll regularly visit or follow. For example, you might visit and follow the ABAP Development space, but follow and only occasionally visit the Web Dynpro space. Topic Spaces are where you can also start discussions, create documents or blogs, and interact with peers. The points you earn for your contributions roll up from the spaces in which you are active.



Personal Space

Your personal space is about you. It's not really a space like the others, but more an area where you manage your profile.

Here, you can get an overview of your activities and the content you've created. You can manage your connections with other SCN members and get an overview of the spaces and content you are following. After logging in, you can access your personal space simply by clicking your name at the top of the masthead.



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