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Top Five Reasons to Join the SAP Community Network


Members tell us about MANY reasons to join the community. Here are the top five we hear most often. They range from the practical to the visionary – which ones speak to you?


1. Learn – Connect with the smartest SAP experts on the planet and have access to not only their wisdom, but over a million articles, documents and eLearning content on all SAP solutions and services. See the "Learn" video here.

2. Solve a Problem – Post a question in our discussion forums and get an answer in an average of 20 minutes. * 8.7 million discussion entries have been made since 2003; over 3000 posts are made per day. Ask a question, which  means Create discussion in the new site;  or use Search to find a previously answered question.

3. Connect – Use our advanced networking capabilities to virtually “meet” thousands of experts working on the same SAP products you’re working on, connecting with people and topics that matter to you. See the "Connect" video  here.

4. Contribute – Our community relies upon the contribution of non-SAP employees to thrive. (e. g. 60% of or bloggers are non-SAP). Share what you know in this community where members get – and give back – in the spirit of reciprocity. Blogs, comments and answering questions in discussions are some of your avenues. Use the Create button, which appears after you join and/or log in.

5. Build your reputation – Gain recognition as an expert on your topics to build your career as an SAP professional. As you demonstrate knowledge, you’ll gain followers and be recognized in our Contributor Recognition program. See the "Build  Your  Reputation" video  here.


*Actions to take in the new SCN to do this.





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