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Log On Support FAQ for SAP Community Network (SCN)

If you have already registered on SAP Community Network (SCN), but you're having difficulty logging in, this support document can help you. If you haven't yet registered, see the document: SCN Registration Support FAQ.

Also see the related document: SCN User ID and Password Support FAQ.

What if I get the error: "Cannot login with User ID and password sent in confirmation e-mail"?

SCN's automatically-generated passwords sometimes contain special characters (non-alphanumeric). Try typing the password if copying doesn't work. If you still can't log on, contact us for assistance.
Your account will become temporarily locked after 5 unsuccessful log on attempts. Wait one hour before re-trying to log on.


How do I disable "Select Certificate Prompt" during log on?

You might get this message if you have two or more digital certificates on your machine. Select the certificate you want to use. If you only have one digital certificate on your machine, your browser settings may be causing the client authentication pop-up window to appear. You can change your browser settings as follows (path may vary according to the browser):

  1. Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.
  2. Select your web content zone and click Custom Level.
  3. On the list of settings, look for "Don't prompt for client certificate selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists." Set this option to Enable to turn off the client authentication pop-up window. Consult with your IT department prior to making any changes to your browser settings.


How can I log on without the digital certificate?

If you don't want to log on with the digital certificate, select Cancel when the client authentication pop-up window appears. You may also turn this off permanently. (See the previous question about turning off the client authentication pop-up window.) Consult with your IT department prior to making any changes to your browser settings.

What if I'm using the correct SCN log on credentials but cannot log on? 

SCN uses cookies for log on. Make sure your browser accepts cookies. Use the following path to correct this problem.

  1. Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.
  2. Choose Accept All Cookies.

I forgot my SCN User ID and password!

You can still log on to SCN using your e-mail. Visit to request a new password that will be sent to your e-mail.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your SCN account, e-mail your request to
  • Send your request from the e-mail account associated with your SCN User ID.
  • Include the reason why you want to delete your account. Help us make the experience better for others.

How can I find my SCN User ID?

There are two ways to retrieve you SCN User ID:
  1. Open Your ID is listed on the top right of the page.
  2. Go to your SCN profile and click Expand appearing next to your name
        SCN User ID from SCN Profile 1.png
    SCN User ID from SCN Profile 2.png

Other Issues?

If you have other issues, please contact SCN Support or create a new discussion thread in SCN Support.

Warning for Mac OS + Safari Users

If you are using Mac OS + Safari and cannot login, do not use the certificate login: reject the certificate and login with you user name and password instead.

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