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Engage with SAP Community on Our Active Social Media Channels

Getting more engaged with others on SAP Community Network social media channels is also another way to establish your presence in the community. Connections deepen here, as everyone from newbies to power users meld their SAP world with the rest of their social networks. Follow us on.


You will find thousands of SAP Community Members are active on Twitter. Following and participating in the conversations on Twitter are the fastest way to become closer to SAP Mentors and SAP Community Network team. If you are new to Twitter, here are 3 things that will help you get up to speed on social media.

1) Read 10 tips to get started on Twitter by Natascha Thomson, one of our SAP Mentors, and the Value for SAP Customers to start using Twitter by Jarret Pazahanick

2) Follow along the conversation using SAP Community Network Official Hashtag - #SCN

3) Add the Twitter accounts below to the list of things/people you follow:


Get active on these accounts today! We'll meet you there....


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