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Attend In-Person SAP Events




Why Attend?

No connection can replace face-to-face interactions. At an event, you can meet your friends, persons whom you follow, folks who retweet your posts, community members who helped you solve technical problems, and SAP Mentors, our core thought leaders and experts in the SAP Community. It is much more than just collecting name cards and building business connections. Here are some other benefits of attending SAP events that you cannot find elsewhere:

  • Meeting with SAP executives and product developers/managers
  • Networking with people from other companies who are working in the same position as you are
  • Developing your knowledge through lecture sessions
  • Experiencing awesome applications built within 72 hours at InnoJam event
  • Dancing and Singing during concert night
  • Sightseeing in big cities: Las Vegas, Madrid, Bangalore, Shanghai, etc.


Here are the events on the calendar for 2012

If you want to get the most out of an in-person event, here are some tips from Kirby Leong .

Taking In-Person SAP Event to Another Level

Besides attending the official event that is organized by SAP, you can also organize your own SAP event in your local area, a.k.a SAP Inside Track. SAP Inside Track is a local grassroots community-organized event where SAP Community Network members come together to share knowledge, expertise and network. Often these sessions are web-casted and recorded for space and time shifting. Here are some resources related to Inside Track.

Guidelines How to Organize SAP Inside Track

Community Event Tips and Tricks

All SAP Community Network Events

Contact the organizers of the past events, they will be more than happy to help as they can, and offer advise if you have any questions.


See you at our next event!


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