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Introducing Work Patterns by SAP Jam

A year ago, we launched SAP Jam - a purpose-built collaboration platform designed to work across business processes and affect real business outcomes. We’re now ready disrupt our own innovations with a breakthrough in how application data from SAP and third party systems can be accessed and immediately contextualized by SAP Jam.


Work Patterns: How SAP Jam helps sales teams connect the dots

To drive their deals to completion, sales people have to stay on top of a multitude of things - including people, documents, data, applications, and processes. Find out how work patterns - pre-built collaborative processes in SAP Jam - combine expertise, content, and best practices with real-time business data and applications to help them get the job done.


SAIL: Why we added a new application integration layer to SAP Jam

It’s a fact of life that as fast as cloud adoption is growing, more large organizations have huge investments in on-premise applications – and those legacy apps aren’t going away any time soon. That leaves a technical challenge that’s harder than you might expect – how to connect and integrate cloud systems with on-premise systems.


What's new in SAP Jam: Work patterns, SharePoint integrations, customer requests, and usability

We're excited to announce the November 2013 release of SAP Jam. This release is significant for SAP Jam as it includes major new integrations for the enterprise, tighter integration into SAP CRM, and a revolutionary concept in enterprise social software called "work patterns."

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