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By moving to the Jive platform, we've made big changes to the way SAP Community Network (SCN) works, simplifying communications and collaboration for our users. The topics below will help you better understand changes to the tools, features and processes that users most often use on SCN.




Blogs are the cornerstone of SCN. You’ll find it much easier to blog in our new environment. As an SCN member, after you log on, you can create a blog in any SCN Topic Space. Your blogs will be published immediately (no need for Moderator approval), and your blogs will be readily available to other users with similar interests.


  • Where Do Blogs Live? When you publish a blog, you assign it to a particular “Topic Space,” or content area where the blog will “live." What this means is that the blog will be published to the Topic Space whose topic matches the key topic of your blog. So, if you’re writing a blog about Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), you’ll create it in the EPM space, where community members can read, rate, “like,” follow and discuss it.
  • Can I Publish My Blog in Multiple Spaces? Although your blog can live in only one Topic Space, you can choose to broadcast it to related spaces using a system of formal metatags. For example, if your EPM blog is also related to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), you can tag your blog with the GRC metatag and it will appear as a related link in the GRC space. Using metatags, you can notify the GRC community, or any other community for that matter, that your blog has been published. But your blog will still live in the EPM space.
  • Who Can Blog?: Any registered SCN member who is logged on can create a blog in any Topic Space. In a sense, everyone is a blogger --  or becomes a blogger -- as soon as he/shewrites his/her first blog.
  • What Happened to the Blogs You Wrote on the Previous Platform? Any blogs written over the past weeks and years will be transported into your “personal space” on the new platform. You can leave them there, if you choose. Anyone in the community can search for them or read them. You also have the option of moving your blogs out of your personal space and into the proper community space -- if that particular blog provides knowledge or value to a relevant topic space.
  • How Are Points Awarded for Blogs? Blogs you create on the new SCN can earn you points! For more information, read the Reputation FAQ.

Topic Spaces in SCN

The new SCN is organized into more than 450 Topic Spaces, which support small, self-contained communities that are focused on a product, solution or technology. Each space contains a complete set of social-networking tools, including a discussion forum, blogging area, and an area where you can publish and collaborate on documents.


As a logged-on member, you can go to any space in the SCN landscape. Though it’s likely you'll be most interested in following a particular set of spaces that reflect your particular range of interests, or where members who share your interests are likely to hang out.


The SCN Topic Spaces are where you can earn points for contributions and where you will build your reputation. For more information, read Get to Know the New SCN.



We've migrated all the forums from the old platfrom to the new Jive landscape.  Your favorite forum has been moved into an appropriate space where it now lives as a “discussion area." To find your forums, you need to find the spaces in which these discussion forums are now located.


First, try searching on the title of the forum that you need. Second, try browsing through the navigation trees to find your spaces and see the lay of the land. Finally, use the A-Z index to locate the spaces where your forums now live. For more information, please visit Forum Finder.


Discussion areas on the new SCN are open. As a logged-on member, you can contribute to any of them. You accrue points and reputation in the spaces in which you are most active.


Points and Profiles

  • Your Points: The points you have accumulated as a contributor to SCN will continue to be part of your profile. Read the Reputation FAQ for more information about points on SCN.
  • Your Profile: Since SCN thrives at the person-to-person level, be sure to update your profile with a recent photo. Learn how to Become a Member.


Logging In

Your SCN User ID and password will continue to work as before. For issues regarding IDs or passwords, please visit the SCN Support space.


SCN Guidelines

Please continue to adhere to the general guidelines and rules of conduct that SCN members expect. Discussions and feedback should be provided with a respectful tone. We expect that users will abide by generally-accepted rules of attribution and understand that plagiarism will not be tolerated.


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