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SCN Known Issues List

The following are bugs that have been reported by users in the Bug Reporting discussions. SCN team members are evaluating and reporting these bugs, and we will provide updates as we progress toward resolution.


Please also check out the SCN Release Notes where we list all fixed bugs with each release.


Ticket #DescriptionNotes
COMM-1263Feedback points are given to personal contentResolved and closed
SCNSBS-1583Root page announcement system is spamming usersResolved and closed
SCNSBS-1484Some forum content may have been migrated to Guest UserResolved and closed

Images not showing in blogs

Resolved and closed
SCNSBS-1495Browse by people not working

Resolved and closed

SCNSBS-1494Discussions not shown correctly in list

Resolved and closed

SCNSBS-1493Reputation points are not transferred completely
SCNSBS-1496Blog content migrated with unreadable contentPlease report URLs to blog posts with missing content here: Report Your Missing Blog Content
SCNSBS-1502Once logged in (get logged out & need to repeat log in)Root cause was high load after go-live phase
SCNSBS-1435"Member Since" date is incorrect for some membersRejected because the "Member Since" date is very inconsistent over all user profiles

Content missing in the connectivity forum

(4/19) Open
SCNSBS-1498Error once create a label to connections
(4/19) Open
SCNSBS-1509"Stop tracking" button not working; unable to "unfollow" spaces, peopleFixed with release 05-27-2012
SCNSBS-1511Notifications icon in "Activity/Communications/Actions" bar not updating(4/19) Open
SCNSBS-1513Images not showing in wikiNot a bug - Images link to a domain that does not exist. Author should update images.

Deleted discussion posts appearing after migration

(4/19) Has not been reproduced. Open and unresolved.
SCNSBS-1517Unable to move own blog twice (for example from personal blogs to space A and then from space A to space B)Not intended to have this functionality in phase 1. Considering for future phases.
SCNSBS-1518Unable to delete picture/avatar in user profileFixed (tested by Jim Spath)

Randomly getting logged off while trying to post

Problem identified and was resolved via other tickets.
Image needs to be removed from Certification sub-space
Default image now displays.
Insert/Edit link button in wiki is not working
COMM-34Issue with search indexingFixed with release 06-24-2012 (was SCNSBS-1514)
SCNSBS-1538The content on the flip side of the grid view shows up, overlapping with the content in the front.Fixed with release 04-22-2012
COMM-581Profile updates do not saveFixed with release 05-06-2012 (was SCNSBS-1548)
SCNSBS-1557"Downloads" navigation broken on Search pagesFixed with release 04-22-2012
SCNSBS-1574Incorrect forum was migrated to space Human Capital Management Curriculum Materials: Members Only
COMM-636Reporting Abuse shows in activity feedFixed with release 09-30-2012 (was SCNSBS-1582)
COMM-635Wrong author in new content on activity pageFixed with release 10-07-2012 (was SCNSBS-1588)
SCNSBS-1589"Object expected" JS Error When Browsing Content Using IE8Fixed with release 01-20-2013
SCNSBS-1609Enable Bookmarking of External Sites on SCN
SCNSBS-1577Points inflation when editing contentFixed with release 03-26-2012
SCNSBS-831Top Contributor Widget: Link "Learn more... " Pointing to SCN HomepageFixed with release 06-05-2012
SCNSBS-1641Code Formatting Doubles Bottom Margin In Edit ModeFixed with release 04-02-2012
SCNSBS-1650Filtering "open questions' in discussions not working
SCNSBS-1676Can not delete bookmarksFixed 16-05-2012
SCNSBS-1678Email ID showing incorrectlyThe "x" is appearing in email IDs where users have multiple accounts.

SAP Support Note links not working in SCN search

Fixed 05-05-2012
SCNSBS-1697Wrong Content Page Gets Displayed After Login With Multiple Content Pages Open

Won get fixed because..."Unfortunately this is the expected behavior of the product at this time, even up through the new versions."

SCNSBS-1715Navigation Control For "Next Item" in Pagination Not Showing CorrectlyFixed with release 04-22-2012
SCNSBS-1716MouseOver / MouseOut Event In Discussion Thread Adds White Space in IE9Fixed with release 05-06-2012
SCNSBS-1606Prior to migration, a user submitted content, now the "created by" shows: "SAP user"Fixed with release 04-22-2012
SCNSBS-1736Users Gets "Unauthorized" Message On Newly Published Blog PostRejected: Wasn't reported again since April. Will reopen if it reoccures.



Error when Trying to Compare Versions of a Document

Fixed with Release 03 Dec 13

Reopened Feb 2014

COMM-839No Email Notifications For Blog Posts And Blog Comments In Followed SpacesFixed with release 11-18-2012 (was SCNSBS-1832)
COMM-31Re-enable Text Filtering with Solr ClusterFixed with release 07-22-2012
SRCH-1943Replacement of special characters in document title in the search UIFixed with release 06-30-2012
COMM-220Discussions With Attachments Don't Show Actual Message TextFixed with release 05-27-2012
COMM-242Scrollbars Showing In Discussion Threads With Normal Size ContentFixed with release 06-10-2012
MOCPS-1359SCN: 'Remember me' function does not workFixed with release 05-26-2012
COMM-293Keyboard shortcuts still active when creating a direct message in the Moderation
COMM-291Users Can't Be Found With @ Auto CompletionFixed 20-06-2012
COMM-312Branching Of Thread Message Into New Thread Fails With Error 500Fixed with release 02-10-2013
COMM-360Ampersand In Filterable Profile Attribute Leads To Error When Executing Query
SCNSBS-1885Pasting Code that Includes Tabs Forces Table CreationTicket rejected (not resolved). As of Jan 2014, only reproducible in Chrome.
COMM-515Issue with point history and active contributor calculation?
COMM-909SCN Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8Fixed with release 11-18-2012 (was SCNSBS-1939)
COMM-879Format Not Valid Error In SCN Profile When Maintaining Alternative Email AddressFixed with release 10-07-2012
COMM-903Login Redirect To Landing Page Doesn't Respect User Specific Configuration

Spaces Do Not Appear When Moving Content

Not reproducible
COMM-1036Insert Link / Upload Image Form Fails, Shows Transparent Empty Popup
SCNSBS-2010Communications Says X Unread When Inbox is Empty
COMM-1358Profile Reputation Tab: Tooltip Is MissingFixed with release 12-16-2012
COMM-1360Inconsistent Image Upload Capability For Community Members In Blogs/Documents/Discussions
COMM-1380S-User Is Able To Edit Locked Fields In SCN User ProfileFixed with release 04-03-2013

Images do not Appear in SCN Documents/Blogs

Also reported here:

COMM-1502Double-Post Bug When Replying To A Thread On The Communications Page
COMM-1705User Attributed with Creating Content when s/he Only Bookmarked Content
SDN-15675SCN: Multiple GUI issues during login/registration to SCN SBS with OperaWon't get fixed. Opera no support by SAP ID Service.
SCNSBS-2060Thread Doesn't Appear on User's Content Tab
Not able to access my document in SCN

Please find the below URL

COMM-2003Points And Badges Not Showing In User Profile And Profile PopupFixed with release 03-17-2013
COMM-2002Draft Documents and Blogs are Published when Approved in Moderation QueueFixed with release 04-03-2013
COMM-1924Unauthorised Message When Creating A Discussion While Being ModeratedFixed with release 04-03-2013
COMM-2209Cannot Insert Image/Link in Chrome when Zoom is <>100%Fixed with upgrade Dec 2013
COMM-2210Guest Attributed as Modifier of Documents ("Modified by Guest")
COMM-665action buttons in abuse moderation panel are no longer visible and useableFixed with release 08-06-2013
SCNSBS-2101Moderation queue: moderators see items from spaces they are not authorized to moderateFixed with release 09-15-2013
SCNSBS-2123Discussion titles on reputation tab history shown encode values instead accentsFixed with release 06-16-2013
COMM-2337Spelling Mistake In Time Zone Settings For New DelhiFixed with release 06-16-2013
COMM-2383Code Not Displayed in View as PDF Version of SCN Blog
COMM_2270Branched discussions do not appear in the moderation queue

Blog and Document Posts in SCN w/ IE 8 have Error in Layout.

Resolved and Closed.

Delayed receipt of communications notifications

Fixed with hotfix release on 07-16-2013

Multiple emails being sent following one action



Inconsistent Country Listed on Member Profiles (Employee + S-User Vs. P User)

COMM-2511Impossible to publish or save a document with multiple document editors option
SCNSBS-2185Safari digital certificate error messageIssue with Apple Safari. Solution discussed in this thread: Re: The page requires a valid ssl client certificate (Mac OS / Safari)

SCN Member Receives Notifications for Non-Followed/Non-Tracked Content\

SRCH-2999Cannot Open PDF Attached to SAP Note Opened in SCN Search

Email Notifcations Are Sent Out With Delay

MKT-195Inconsistent and Incorect Subbject Syntax on SCN e-Mail Notifications
MKT-211Rich Text Editor Toolbar Disappears when Toggling HTML Mode on Replies/Comments from Activity StreamFixed with upgrade Dec 2013
COMM-2839Rejected or Abuse Reported SCN Documents Visible to All Logged in Members
MKT-219Moved Content Still Appears in Followed Activities
MKT-220Discrepancy in SCN Wiki Search Results on Search
COMM-3033"Insert Image" Button Disabled In Content Editor
COMM-3079Updates Delay In Activity And Communications Stream
MKT-237Type to filter by text search function on SCN Content Tab Incomplete
MKT-238"Get a feed of this content" Utility Not Matching Sorting Query
MKT-240TOC Display Error in IE
MKT-242SCN Site Search Field Text "Search the Community" Sticks in IE
MKT-244Apply Fixed Width Font to Code Snippets in RTE
MKT-256Cannot Paste Text into SCN Text Editor when Using IE 11
COMM-3918social sharing / linkedin > double quote signs cause distortion in page


Performance issues adding tags to content, causing typing to be delayed (apparently while type ahead search tries to match related terms)


Notifications icon for "Communications" stream not updating


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