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Alerting Moderators and Reporting Abuses on SCN

Use the Alert Moderator action to notify moderators of content that may be in violation of The SCN Rules of Engagement and other reasons.  These alerts are reviewed by SCN moderators, who will take action if needed.


Your identity will be protected when creating an alert.



Alerting a Moderator

How to alert a moderator about a blog post, document, discussion, message, poll or status update.

  • Login to SCN
  • Alert Moderator appears in the actions box on SCN content
    Alert Moderator in SCN Actions.png
    • On discussion replies (messages), find Alert Moderator on the bottom of the message
      Alert Moderator on SCN Messages.png
  • Select the primary reason for alerting the moderator from the drop down menu:
    Alert Moderator in SCN Categories.png
  • Include additional comments to help moderators evaluate your alert
  • Click Alert Moderator


When the alert moderator link is not available, Contact Us by e-mail or other channels provided. Please include relevant URLs of the content, profile or other.


For example, to report a Spammer


Reporting Other Issues

The Alert Moderator action is primarily for reporting violations of The SCN Rules of Engagement. To report broken links, inaccuracies or general problems, create a new discussion in SCN Support and include as much information as possible, such as the URL of the page.

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