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Improving CO-PA Reporting Performance with DB2 Intrapartition Parallelism

You can improve the performance of profitability analysis in Controlling (CO-PA) by enabling DB2 intrapartition parallelism. For more information how to enable DB2 intrapartition parallelism for CO-PA, see SAP Note 2052896. 14 August 2014


New SAP HotNews

See SAP Note 2010677: DB6: In DB2 10.5 a REORG INPLACE operation on a table with adaptive compression enabled might fail or produce unreadable results. 30 April 2014


Enable IBM DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) for DB2 pureScale in an SAP System Environment

Prior to DB2 10.5, there was no true disaster recovery capability for DB2 pureScale. The combination of HADR and DB2 pureScale in DB2 10.5 provides excellent continuous availability within a cluster and full protection from data loss due to total failure on the primary cluster. 14 April 2014


New SAP GUI Screens for the DBA Cockpit (Demo)

With the latest support packages for SAP NetWeaver 7.02 and higher, new SAP GUI screens for the DBA Cockpit are available. You can now use more metrics, drill-down capabilities, and graphics to analyze performance- and space-related issues in the SAP GUI version of the DBA Cockpit. 14 April 2014


New Functions of the DBA Cockpit

To find out about the latest  changes and enhancements to the DBA Cockpit (as of SAP Net Weaver 7.4 SP8, 7.31 SP13, 7.3 SP12, 7.03 SP12, and 7.02 SP16), see the current Release Note and our updated DBA Cockpit documentation. 02 April 2014


HotNews: Minimal DB version for SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SP8

Note that for the forthcoming SP 8 of SAP NetWeaver 7.40 DB2 LUW version 10.5 is required. For details refer to SAP Note 1951491. 26 March 2014


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