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Applied Research: Technology Infrastructure

The Applied Research Technology Infrastructure team is targeting research challenges arising from the inflection point in the IT industry posed by the enterprise demand for high performance computing and the unprecedented advances in hardware.  From the technology perspective, these advances give us the ability to harvest 25+ years of work in high performance/technical computing for the enterprise market at dramatically improved TCO.  At the same time, in-memory computing has become a technical reality and cloud computing has emerged as a viable mode for the enterprise.  Enterprises are increasingly seeking high performance computing for real time business advantage and are adopting cloud computing and utilizing virtualization techniques to lower computing costs.


The Technology Infrastructure objectives are:

Applied research with business impact

  • Provide cutting-edge technology infrastructure (hardware and software) for advanced development 
  • Research new generation architectures and systems for in-memory computing 
  • Research and engineer building blocks for scalable, sustainable, and reliable cloud-based enterprise IT systems leveraging the latest hardware innovations
  • Research the business-driven IT management of enterprise IT systems 
  • Research and develop technology and tools to support cloud orchestration

Brand value and ecosystem

  • Perform geography-related activities to promote and enhance SAP’s thought leadership (e.g., sponsored academic research, IP advisory, customer meetings, Tech Talk series, TTI Vanguard)


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