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Visual Composer Debugger


VC models can become complex entities, with many services and components, and users find it difficult to trace data flow problems in the model itself.

Following are some data flow tracing problems the debugger should help solving:

· Back End services return unexpected or no data.

· Tracing data flow in complex models: What data is exposed on each port, where it comes from and goes to.

· Dynamic Expressions do not return expected results.

· Tracing sequential actions being carried out; are they conditional, what condition’s value is

·id  Identifying initial values when a component is started.


The Visual Composer debugger enables to debug a model in order to solve problems in the runtime application that may be caused by problems in the model. You control the execution of your Visual Composer model by setting breakpoints that suspend the runtime application, and then stepping through the model to review the execution of the model step by step and examine the contents of variables.

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Important links

The full overview could be found in the article.

you could also follow the recorded debugger session.




The debugger is available in Visual Composer 7.2 and above in the NWDS version


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