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Join our new Customer Engagement Initiative: Identity and Access Provisioning for Cloud Applications

If your company is extending business processes with SAP cloud offerings and if you are interested in identity and access provisioning for cloud applications, you are invited to join our new customer engagement initiative. Find out more. May 17, 2016


SAP Insider: An Integrated Approach to Identifying Security Risks

In his new SAP Insider article, Martin Plummer explains how the latest enhancements to SAP Enterprise Threat Detection enable integrated analysis across your landscape. May 16, 2016 kevin.thompson4/avatar/46.png?a=72069

Integrating SAP Enterprise Threat Detection with FireEye

Read Kevin Thompson’s blog and learn how alerts from FireEye combined with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection can alert you to attacks against your end users and against your SAP systems. May 16, 2016


Replay of Broadcast: Security Breach Threat Analysis and Intelligence - Just Voodoo or Real?

Listen to the replay of the recent broadcast “Security Breach Threat Analysis and Intelligence: Just Voodoo or Real?” with Gerlinde Zibulski, Head of SAP Product Management Security, and other security experts. Listen now. May 12, 2016

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