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Secure System Communication with UCON

To help you keep up with ever-growing security challenges, SAP NetWeaver 7.40 includes a new framework, Unified Connectivity (UCON), for securing Remote Function Calls (RFCs) in ABAP-based systems. Check out the new overview presentation, how-to video guides and more. July 30, 2014

SAP’s New Cryptographic Library “CommonCryptoLib”

In her latest blog, Martina Kirschenmann presents SAP’s new cryptographic library “CommonCryptoLib”, the technical successor of the well-known SAPCRYPTOLIB, and explains how you will benefit from its deployment. July 17, 2014

SAP Insider: Are Your Applications Safe in the Cloud?

SAP HANA Cloud Platform not only implements multiple levels of organizational and technical security measures for SAP customers, it is designed to ensure secure user authentication and data protection in the cloud. In his new SAP Insider article, Martin Raepple looks at how SAP HANA Cloud Platform addresses these areas. April 28, 2014

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