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How to use Calculated Attribute

Hello Everyone,

In this document, I tried to explain "Calculated Attribute" functionality.

In order to better understand how to use “Calculated attribute”, we are going to use standard table for the examples.


1. Navigate in the Information Modeler to your own package.

2. Create a new Attribute View:

  • Select the Attribute View -> Right Click -> New
  • Enter the name of the Attribute View: AT_LOCATION and description, Customer Location
  • Select Standard Attribute View Type.
  • Press next.

3. From the ECC6 schema select the table KNA1 to build the Attribute View.

  • Select KNA1  and press the Add button to move the table into the Selected area.
  • Click finish.

4.Select the fields for use in the attribute view

  • Select the key field KUNNR and right mouse click on field. Choose Add as Key Attribute.
  • Select the LAND1, REGIO, ORT01 and ERDAT as a Attirbute

5. Within the Output section on the right of the screen. Right Click on Calculated Attributes -> New

6. Create a new Calculated Attribute called YEAR. Select NVARCHAR(4) as the data type.

Expression: midstr(string("ERDAT"),strlen(string("ERDAT"))-9,4)

7. Activate & Preview the view.

Hope it is helpful for all.

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