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SAP UA Student Dashboard Design Competition - EMEA - Steps and Resources

These are the suggested steps and resources to understand the unicef case, learn dashboarding, and submit your team's entry.


  1. Complete the student teams registration form and return it to to register your team
  2. Join the University Alliances Community
    • Click "register" on the top of this or any community page – right beside ‘Welcome Guest’ and ‘Login’
    • Register as a "public user" and follow the prompts - select "Student" from the Profession list, and in the "Company" field enter the name of you institution of higher education.
    • On the Communities and Newsletters tab, select "University Alliances Community", "BusinessObjects Community" and "BusinessObjects Community Newsletter.
  3. Download SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011 (software available for free download - Windows operating system required) and Visual Intelligence.
  4. Learn to build a dashboard.
    • Review learning resources to help you create an effective dashboard. We strongly recommend that you complete all of the tutorials before starting to create your dashboard. Building a dashboard is extremely but to produce the best results with the highest levels of insight and quality of course you should strive to understand more than just the basics. Completing these tutorials will save you time and effort, but will provide you with the critical skills to build an effective dashboard with deep insights.
    • Review sample dashboards (note: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mozilla browser required). Feel free to draw on these sample dashboards to build your own dashboard. There are other sample dashboards available on the Internet, but these are good examples of layout, formatting, fonts, colours, component and chart selection, interactivity, filtering data.
    • Review resources and learning materials for Visual Intelligence.

    • Check out examples from the previous winners.
  5. Review the competition judging criteria.
  6. The unicef project data will be released on October 8th and then be made available for download. Until the release of the project data students can practice using the dashboard tools and watch the many demonstrations and resources that are available.
  7. Start building your dashboard.
    • Create a mockup of the dashboard. Based on the information outlined in the business requirements. Our advice is to draw a practice version on a whiteboard or other medium first and start by thinking about the user interface. Things to consider include: overall ‘look and feel’; use of consistent design features, colours and components; design of tab structure; layout of panels, components and charts; control flow of the application; ease of use, and drawing on multiple sources of data to produce deeper insights.
    • Use SAP Crystal Dashboard Design to develop your mockup design. Drag and drop the components and chart tools from the selection of tools on the left hand side of Crystal Dashboard Design and populate the charts etc. using data from the project data excel sheet. NOTE: You should think about how you plan on allocating the development of the dashboard to different members of your team. You may want to create 3 logical tabs and assign each person a tab. Once the development of each tab is done. One person should integrate all of the tabs into one dashboard.
    • Test and enhance your dashboard. Developing a dashboard is an iterative process. Review the business requirements and evaluation criteria and make sure the dashboard meets all of the necessary requirements. Always bear in mind two things – consistency of look and feel and the quality of your dashboard. Check for spelling, inaccurate numbers, broken links etc.
  8. Record a presentation and demonstration of your dashboard.
    • Download a trial version of Camtasia and create a 10 minute recording of a PowerPoint and demonstration that includes the following (suggested times have been included):
      • PowerPoint: Introduction and Team Bio (1 minute)
      • PowerPoint: Current Situation, Business Requirements and Solution Overview (1 - 2 minutes)
      • Dashboard: Demonstration of the dashboard and 3 use cases (5 - 6 minutes)
      • PowerPoint: Summary of Key Insights into Junior Achievement financial data and recommendations for actions (1 - 2 minutes)
  9. Produce the file using "Custom Production Settings." Save as a MP4/FLV/SWF format with 640 X 480 dimensions.
  10. Upload your dashboard solution and recorded presentation to the SAP University Alliances EMEA team.


At the end of the competition each team will receive an email from SAP University Alliances with a link to upload a zip file containing the entry, presentation, and the following:

  • Dashboard solution in both .xlf and .swf format
  • Recorded presentation in MP4 format


Deadline for submissions: 22 October 2012. Any materials received after this time will be disqualified.


  • Research, problem solving, troubleshooting and resolving technical issues is part of this dashboard competition. If you have a problem building an element of the dashboard or run into any troubleshooting issues, follow these steps:
  • Review all of the dashboard product training tutorials. Most of your development tasks should be covered with these tutorials.
  • For help completing additional tasks, please see the SAP SDN Dashboard eLearning Tutorials.
  • Attend the two webinars noted above.
  • Check the Dashboard Forum on SDN for answers to your questions. If you have a particular issue or problem, please search the SDN forums for an answer.


For general inquiries, send an email to


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