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Everything I know about... SCN Quick Links and Browsing Tips

Here's a handy reference guide on New SCN quick links (short URLs) that are easy to remember and will help you get to where you're going fast.  Just as valuable are the sorting and filtering enhancements that allow you to customize the view of what appears and how it's rendered.



Main Shortcuts


  • Same as Browse > Content
  • Display Blogs, Documents, Discussions (Forums) and Poll
  • Append to space URLs to see the content of the space (e.g.
  • Same as Browse > People
  • Displays SCN community members
  • Appended to space URLs so you can see who else is following the space (e.g.
  • Same as Browse > Places
  • Displays spaces
  • There's also the SCN Site Index
  • Append to space URLs to see the sub-spaces (child spaces) (e.g.
  • Same as Browse > Bookmarks

  • Communications targeted at you in a single view
    • Updates on content and content in spaces you're following
    • Track mentions of you throughout the community
    • Track of comments and replies to your content
    • Invite others to collaborate on content
  • List of action alerts directed at you
  • Notices of group invitations and friend requests, or when your content was rejected
  • Access the moderation module ( moderators only)
  • Live activity feed of everything happening in the community now


Additional Shortcuts for Content


  • Discussion threads (forum)
  • Same as Browse > Content > Discussions
  • Blogs
  • Same as Browse > Content > Blogs
  • Documents
  • Same as Browse > Content > Documents
  • Polls
  • Same as Browse > Content > Documents


Sorting and Filtering

Optimize your view with these enhancements and visualizations.


Toggle View

Select details (list) or thumbnails view. Your selection is recorded and will be applied as the default for future visits.

Toggle Default Browser View New SCN.png

Assigning Default Filter

On the left side of the list are several filters you can choose from. You can select a new default by clicking the pin next to your choice.

Set current tab as default.png

Content Filters

  • Drafts: Your unpublished content
  • Authored: Your content
  • Participated: Where you've replied, commented, liked, rated, etc.
  • Following: Content your following and tracking
  • Recently Viewed: Recent browse history
  • Jive Genius: Trending content
  • All

People Filters

  • Following: People you're following
    • Group people by creating labels
  • Followers: Who's following you
  • Recently Viewed: Recent browse history
  • Jive Genius: Trending people
  • All

Places Filters

  • Following: Places you're following
  • Group Member: N/A
  • Owned Groups: N/A
  • Recently Viewed: Recent browse history
  • Jive Genius: Trending places
  • All

Bookmarks Filters

  • Your: bookmarks belonging to you
  • All


Sorting Lists

Sort the list using the drop down menu. The default is by latest activity.

Sort Browse List on New SCN.png


Filter Lists by Text

This works like a search box where you enter a term you're looking for and content is filtered accordingly.

  1. Enter a text term and wait a moment for the results to appear
    Type to filter by text.png
  2. Enter a second term to narrow results further


For best results when searching for content (blogs, discussions, documents, polls), narrow down the search set by navigating to a space's content tab and selecting the content type


Filter Lists by Tag

Filter by tags that other SCN users have assigned to their content.

Filter list by tag on New SCN.png


Grouping People with Labels

Group the people you're following into groups to make it easier to find them*.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Following
  3. Click Create Label
    Create People Label New SCN.png
  4. Apply labels to people you're following from the people list or from a user's profile page
    Apply People Labels New SCN.png
  5. Dot with label color appears next to labeled people in list
    People Label on List in New SCN.png

    Learn more about people labels: Everything I know about... People Labels


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