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SAP on VMware

For a general overview on the support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems, and Databases in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments, see also Support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems, and Databases in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments.



  • vSphere 6.0 SAP support got recently released. vSphere 6.0 can now get used to virtualize production and non-production SAP systems running on Windows and Linux OS. For details check out SAP Note 1409608 and 1122388.


Support Information

  • We have lately seen some issues with VMs freezing intermittently under heavy I/O load. We strongly recommend to read VMware KB 2088157 and to proactively apply the recommended vSphere patch available for your version.


SAP Notes Related to VMware

For a list of SAP Notes that are related to the use of SAP applications on VMware products, see SAP Notes Related to VMware. For all Windows on VMware vSphere specific notes, please see SAP Notes for Windows in Virtual Environments and for a list of SAP Notes related to Linux, see SAP Notes for Linux in Virtual Environments. For SAP HANA on vSphere specific information, please visit the "SAP HANA on VMware vSphere" page.


Supported SAP Applications

SAP supports almost all its applications on the supported stack of virtualization solution, operating system and database.
For exceptions and specific configuration requirements for your SAP application, check section 2 of SAP Note 1492000.

The General Support Statement for Virtual Environments applies for all SAP applications and components except the following:

  • BWA
  • SAP HANA and SAP HANA-related applications (check out Note 1788665 - SAP HANA Support for VMware vSphere Environment)
  • NetWeaver MDM
  • SAP ITS 6.20


Supported Guest Operating Systems by SAP

The table below provides a short overview on supported guest operating systems. For prerequisites and configuration details for support, check SAP Note 1409608 on Windows and SAP Note 1122387 on Linux.

For a detailed list of supported guest operating systems on VMware vSphere, please read the Guest OS Compatibility Guide.

Guest OS
VMware vSphere 4.x, 5.x, 6.0
Windows Server 2003supported
Windows Server 2008supported
Windows Server 2008 R2supported
Windows Server 2012supported
Windows Server 2012 R2supported
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5supported
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6supported
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8supported
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9supported
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10supported
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11supported



Supported Databases

The table below provides a short overview on supported databases. For detailed information on support of your database product, check the relevant SAP Notes listed below.

VMware vSphere 4.x, 5.x, 6.0
IBM DB2supported cond. (*1)
MaxDB, livecachesupported (*2)
Microsoft SQL Serversupported
Oracle Databasesupported cond. (*3)
SAP ASEsupported (*4)
SAP IQsupported (*5)
SAP HANAsupported (*6)

(*1) only for specified DB, VMware and guest OS versions listed in SAP Note 1130801 and
(*2) see SAP Note 1142243

(*3) Restricted Oracle support, only for specified DB, VMware and guest OS versions listed in SAP Note 1173954. For details on Oracle Support and Licensing on VMware, see Video.

(*4) released as of SAP ASE version 15.7; see SAP Note 1706801

(*5) released as of SAP IQ version 15.4, see VMware document SAP Sybase IQ on VMware vSphere

(*6) Only HANA Scale-UP configurations as of August 2014. Single VM GA, Multi-VM and Scale-Out CA for details see SAP HANA Support for VMware vSphere Environment and the Best Practices and Recommendations for Scale-up Deployments of SAP HANA on VMware vSphere.


Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions for the operation on SAP applications with VMware vSphere, check Frequently Asked Questions: VMware vSphere.


Getting Started and VMware Documents regarding SAP Products

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