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Featured Content in B2B Integration with SAP Process Orchestration

Intelligent Business Operations ibo Tech Academy in the UK on 25/7 - get your free seat!

With this blog Tony Read invites you to join SAP and CompriseIT for a hands-on workshop on Intelligent Business Operations covering SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Operational Process Intelligence on HANA. The workshop is free for all SAP customers and prospects. Next opportunity in the UK is 25/7. Seats are limited so mail Tony to book your seat today. July 2014

SAP Process Orchestration Roadmap webinar - recording is now available!

The webinar covers the latest innovations and planning for SAP Process Orchestration. You will also learn how Process Orchestration customers can benefit by enabling intelligent business operations ibo on the SAP HANA platform and how to take advantage of other Middleware offerings such as SAP Gateway and SAP HANA Cloud Integration hci. June 2014

Released: SP3 of B2B Add-On and Secure Connectivity Add-On

In this blog Piyush Gakhar introduces all new features and improvements with the SP3 release, like secure PGP key storage, multiple directory support for SFTP adapter, SLA alerts, enhanced AS2 support, EDI content manager and more. April 2014 New roadmap for SAP Process Orchestration is now available

In this blog Christian Loos announces that the former individual PI and BPM product roadmaps have been combined into one single Process Orchestration roadmap. Review all planned innovations and stay tuned for the upcoming roadmap webcast. April 2014

The new B2B Trading Partner Management functionality explained

In this blog Shilpa Nair and Sarath Sasi provide a summary and links to all recent content on the new Trading Partner Management functionality shipped with SP2 of the SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration B2B Add-on. March 2014


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