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Get 30 days of free access to SAP HANA, developer edition


As of July 15, 2014, the Cloudshare 30 day free trial is no longer available.


Please check out our SAP HANA Developer Edition page for other options to run the latest version of SAP HANA.




Thank you for your interest in developing with SAP HANA. We prepared an environment for you to make your 30-day trial a smooth experience.

As of February 2013, the 30-day trial is not a separate offering any more. Instead we are inviting you to try the HANA developer edition for absolutely free - SAP is paying for your first 30 days of running the developer edition on CloudShare.


The information posted here will help you through the sign-up process and will get you connected to your trial environment.

If you need assistance, (1) check out our FAQ, (2) seek help on the discussion forum and should all other options fail, (3) send us an email


Enjoy your trial period!


How to sign up

At the end of this page, you will find a link.  If you're in a rush and think you can handle it, sign up right now .

  • Verify your SCN profile data, and tell us what you want us to know. The "Email" field at the very bottom of the screen will be your CloudShare User Id, so you can enter one that is different from the one stored in your SCN profile (in case you were wondering why we ask this information)
  • Accept our developer end user license agreement (EULA). Read the license agreement carefully and click the "Accept" button.
  • After clicking the "Accept" button, you should be forwarded to for completing the trial setup. If you already created a CloudShare account (for the email address you entered on the trial sign-up page), simply login, and you will see your trial environment being created. If you are new to CloudShare, you will have to register a new account - please use the email address you entered during the trial signup, or you will not be able to see the trial environment


Your first connection to the trial environment


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.30.56 PM.png

  • After completing your CloudShare registration, your remote desktop will automatically start. It can take a few minutes, just like booting up your laptop. Grab a coffee and get the adrenalin levels up, because you're nearly there. Your screen should look approximately like the one shown above.
  • Once your environment is ready, you will see two machines - the "SAP HANA SPS5 server" running on SUSE Linux Enterprise and the "SAP HANA Studio" running on Windows 7 - with big "View VM" buttons next to the machine descriptions (marked with a red circle in the screen shot). Click the button, and you will get connected into the machine directly inside your browser window. You can also use your favorite SSH client to connect to your HANA server and RDP into the Windows machine via a Windows Remote Desktop connection - simply click the "Details" link (also marked with a red circle) to get the connection details. Note that the public hostnames will change every time you start the environment. So if you have a local connection from HANA Studio, you will have to change the connection string or edit your local hosts file every time you start the server.  See the blog of Raphael Branger how to set a permanent hostname!
  • On your Windows desktop, you will find HANA Studio - your first task will be to connect from HANA Studio to the server, using the information included in your invitation email. Help is provided in a Cheat Sheet directly in HANA Studio. The access data for your HANA server is
    • Server: hanacloud
    • System No: 00
    • User: SYSTEM
    • Password: manager (change this immediately, or your trial environment will not be secure)
  • If you cannot connect to your HANA DB from HANA Studio, please be patient and try again after ~10 minutes. As part of the first instance startup, your HANA DB is initialized and started for the first time. This can take a big. In the meantime, you might want to check out the free trials on that you can add to your trial environment
  • Should you have any connectivity issues, your personal or company firewall may be blocking RDP port 3389. Run the connectivity test on CloudShare to see if everything works as expected. Should you be unable to connect although your networks looks properly configured, please contact CloudShare support.


How to customize your trial environment

Once you have taken ownership of your trial environment on CloudShare, you truly own it. This means, you can install additional software on the Remote Windows Desktop and on the Linux HANA server

Note: this also means that you are able to completely destroy your environment, so be careful. We suggest to take a snapshot of your environment (marked with an orange circle on the screen shot above) before applying major changes - you can always go back to the snapshot in case things go wrong...


We have no crystal ball to predict what you actually might want to install, but here are a couple of suggestions:

  • A free 30-Day Trial Version of SAP Visual Intelligence can be downloaded from - it's a perfect complement for your 30-Day HANA Trial
  • SAP also offers a 30-Day Trial of SAP BI Platform, Edge Edition - if you want to connect a BI4 to your HANA server, this is probably the easiest way to get one


After your 30-Day Trial expires

30 days can pass quickly - so how can you continue to use SAP HANA after your trial expires? Your first reflex might be to sign up for another 30 days or ask us for an extension. Well - please don't. It's strictly 30 days per person.

You can simply complete your CloudShare profile and continue to run the environment in a paid account. As of now, CloudShare hosting cost for the HANA developer edition is $137/month (or $1270 for a one year subscription). Or you can always sign up for a HANA developer edition with any of the supported cloud infrastructure providers or - if you want to move from development to production - you can sign up for SAP HANA One.

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