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SAP BCM - Business Communication Management - How to setup email channel


The concepts and steps provided in this documentation are intended to give you a basic understanding of the most common practices and procedures that could help a BCM system administrator on what is required to do creating email channels.



The goal of this informational document is to guide and assist the BCM Administrator on the best business practices commonly used when setting up email channels.


Email channels can be built with any IMAP supporting email server.
In this example Ms Exchange-



Email Channel (In)
To enable emails to come IN you have to:

    1. allow relay between email servers
    2. Set up mailbox account
    3. CEM will create (needed folders “received”, “unhandled”)
    4. One Queue will be configured as email queue (has the user id and password to Inbox)



Email Channel (Out)

To enable Outgoing mails you have to configure Smart Host allow relay between the email servers.

BCM “Message to Mail”-service uses local machines SMTP smart host settings.  And smart host is pointing toward the email server.



Email channel and bandwidth

The process is simple:

  • CEM server reads the Inbox folder over IMAP.
  • Mail attachments are copied to attachment folder.
  • Email text content is copied to SQL database.
  • Web client reads the database email tables on every 90 seconds.
  • New database entry will be informed to TM client.
  • The TM user can “pick” (open) the email message from the common (mailing list) or this email can be auto allocated to a free agent.
  • Mail attachment is then fetched from the attachment folder.


Message flow:

8-24-2012 3-25-46 PM.png


Administration Process

BCM System Administrator

•   Creates email queue

•   Sets mailbox user ID and password

Windows (DMN) Administrator

•   Creates mail server account

•   Creates attachment folder + sets the user right for the shared folder

CPM Administrator

•   Creates email activity

•   Creates email “infocards” if they are needed

•   Sets the visibility and user rights

User Administrator

•   Sets rights to queues and to taskmanager

CDT Settings

User can fine tune TM-CEM functions.




User Administration:




CPM Administrator

The CPM Administrator has to configure:


·          - Email activity

2.    Users

·          - Users and rights to activity and profile

3.      Profiles

·          - Task related infocards (pre filled answer/question/info templates)

4.      Settings

          - Common settings like (email attachment folder location and client com rights)


Email channel | Activities

Activity and Rights must create.“EMAIL-activity created Rights granted to single users or groups” as seen below:


Please see the cpm_admin_guide for detailed steps:

BCM Installation Guides
->SAP Solution Extensions
  ->SAP Business Communications Management (BCM)
    ->BCM 6.0

Groups and group rights: 

- Double click group name shows the group members

- In group member view you can add / remove members


Infocards are created in profiles tab:

Infocards can contain selection boxes, radio buttons, and drop down menus, free text areas, information, forced fields.

EMAIL channel, Settings:

- In the CPM Administration you can configure auto remote task/email/signature auto composer.
- Auto composer can pick and use TASK ID’s, Descriptions, Contact details, time stamps, status information ++


EMAIL channel, Settings – Templates:

Composing emails templates is following the same rules as composing automated reply(s).


EMAIL channel, Settings – Signatures:

Signature sample:


EMAIL channel, Settings – Notifications:

Notification sending can be automated, according to status to selected Email or SMS receivers.

Notification can be auto composed.


EMAIL channel, Settings – Advanced:

Advanced settings are for TM options like:

  • Show internal solution.  (Internal solution field visible in TM GUI)
  • Use local file system. (attachment is fetched to local drive and opened from there) Column settings.image030.png

EMAIL channel, Settings - Common List:


You can have single or multiple Common lists.  Common list is visible for selected group of persons.  Email-Tasks can be picked or auto allocated from the common list to users personal list.  Task modification handling is done from the personal list. 




EMAIL channel, Settings - BCC Addresses:


BCC Address can be configured.



EMAIL channel, Settings – Common:


Messages page contains the email attachment directory information.




EMAIL channel, System Administration


BCM System Administrator -> creates Email queue
-> In the TM page
                               -> Activity name (EMAIL)
                               -> Infocard name (EMAIL)



EMAIL channel, System Administration:

Queue configuration -> creates Email queue



EMAIL channel, CTM page:

BCM System Administrator -> TM page configuration

Select correct Activity from the drop down menu and the infocard from the infocard dropdown menu.



EMAIL channel, System Administration:

BCM System Administrator -> Channel Configuration

-> creates Email queue ( Mailbox name, Email server name, Email account password)



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