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Resolve "Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro" for IE 9

It has been noticed that SAP WebDynpro Java usually does not support latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. This document will help you run your SAP Web Dynpro Java Applications quickly on IE 9 even after getting "Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!" message.


Applies to: Tested for 7.01 but applies to other versions as well.



The users should have knowledge of developing, building, deploying and running Web Dynpro Java Applications.


Developers getting a "Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!" message while working with IE 9 will be able to run their Web Dynpro Java Applications on IE 9.


Developers getting a "Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!" message and not able to see their developments running in the browser.



NOTE : http://<hostname>:<port>/webdynpro/resources/ is definitely not the URL of your Web Dynpro Java and is actually the static URL of the error page.



STEP 1: Developers first need to find the correct URL of their Web Dynpro Java Application.

How to get the correct URL, potential options -

  • Ask the correct URL from your colleague
  • Run the application from NWDS on some other desktop having an older version of the IE
  • Run the application on some browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • In case you want to find the URL from some other Desktop not having NWDS installed on it, run the application on some other desktop by going to Server Homepage -> Web Dynpro Tools -> Deployed Content -> <Search your Project> -> Applications -> <application name> -> Run.


NOTE: You Web Dynpro Java Application URL should look something like this



STEP 2 : Go to IE F12 developer tools



STEP 3: Set the Browser mode to IE 9 Compatibility View



STEP 4: Set the Document Mode to Quirks Mode



STEP 5: Set the user agent string to Default




Now put the URL found in step 1 in the browser and hit the enter button. Developers should be able to see their applications running fine in the IE 9 browser.





NWDS - Netweaver Developer Studio

IE - Internet Explorer

WDJ - Web Dynpro Java

MS - Microsoft


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