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How to get rid of message "Required entry field not filled. Click here to continue anyway"

Some time the requirement comes from customer that I don't want to see the message "Required entry field not filled. Click here to continue anyway" as it allows to navigate away from the view even there are some empty mandatory fields.


This requirement can be addressed by redefining the DO_FINISH_INPUT() method for that particular view. We just need to change the condition, from  '#empty_mand_field' to 'EMPTYMANDTFIELD' OR something else , of mandatory error messages.



         lt_mandatory_fields TYPEbsp_dlct_fieldname,
         lv_element_id          TYPEbsp_dlc_element_id,
         lv_cnode_name       TYPE string,
         lv_attr                     TYPE string,
         lv_label                   TYPE string,
         lv_event                  TYPE string,
         lr_cnode                 TYPE REF TOcl_bsp_wd_context_node,
         lr_view_descriptor    TYPE REF TOif_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor.
     lt_mandatory_fields = get_empty_mandatory_fields( ).
    IFme->configuration_descr ISBOUND .
      global_messages->delete_message( condition = cl_bsp_wd_view_controller=>co_mandatory_field_empty ).
      lr_view_descriptor = me->configuration_descr->get_property_descriptor( ).
      LOOPATlt_mandatory_fields INTOlv_element_id.
        CLEAR: lv_cnode_name, lv_attr, lv_label.
        SPLITlv_element_id+2(*) AT'/'INTOlv_cnode_name lv_attr.
        lr_cnode ?= me->get_model( lv_cnode_name ).
        lv_label = lr_view_descriptor->get_field_label( iv_element_id   = lv_element_id
                                                        iv_context_node = lr_cnode ).
        IF global_messages ISBOUND.
          global_messages->add_message( condition = 'EMPTYMANDTFIELD'
                                       message   = text-010
                                       severity  = cl_bsp_messages=>co_severity_error
                                       p1        = lv_label
                                       dummy     = me->component_id ).



Text-10 = 'Make an entry in field '%1''


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