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Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform - 11 February 2016

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
Internet of ThingsNew

There is a new section FAQ with a collection of frequently asked questions and provided solutions. For more details, see FAQ.

Internet of ThingsNew

The Push, OData and Processing APIs of MMS are also used with OAuth. The OData interface supports batch processing as defined in the OData V2 specification. For more information, refer to sections Push Service API Authentication, Message Consumption and Message Processing.

Console ClientEnhancement

A new --updates parameter allows the version command to check whether the SDK version is still supported and to suggest updates and hot fixes. For more information, see Version.

Internet of ThingsEnhancement

The selection of tables in the app data UI in the MMS cockpit has been simplified.


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Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform - 28 January 2016


FunctionType of ChangeDescription

The Members list shows the names of members in addition to their user IDs. The name of a member becomes available after the first time the member visits the account.

Administrators can send emails to account members.

Connectivity ServiceEnhancement

JCo runtime for SAP HANA Cloud Platform:

  • Fixed connection pool recovery problems when property jco.destination.max_get_client_time not set to 0.
  • Improved tracing for metadata and data content.
  • Added clone() method to the JCoFunction interface.
Eclipse ToolsEnhancementJVM 7 is the latest version for working with SAP HANA Cloud Platform tools. All new projects will be created with JVM 7 settings by default. To switch an existing project to the newer JVM, change the settings manually. For more information, see Setting Up SAP JVM in Eclipse IDE.
Gamification ServiceEnhancement

The API offers two new methods:

  • adjustPointsForPlayer for adjusting player points as TenantOperator,
  • withdrawPointsFromPlayer "rule only” for withdrawing points.


The new GamificationReviewer role provides read-access to game mechanics.

Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform - 14 January 2016

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
Persistence ServiceNew

Multiple SAP HANA databases can be hosted on a single SAP HANA system when the support for multitenant database container (MDC) is enabled for the SAP HANA databases (beta). Creating a tenant database is available on the trial landscape too.

A tenant database runs for 12 hours and shuts down at the end of the period to free resources. A tenant database that is not used for 30 days is automatically deleted.

A blog post describes the procedure for creating and testing a tenant database by using the SAP HANA Interactive Education example on a trial landscape. For more information, see SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) Scenarios Now on Trial Landscape.

Business ServicesNewHybris-as-a-Service (YaaS) can be used for building business services that run on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Those services can then be used in cloud applications which again can run on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. For more information, see Business Services with YaaS.
Internet of ThingsNewMMS can be configured to forward messages to another HTTP endpoint. For more information, see Message Forwarding (HTTP).
CockpitEnhancementThe Services page in the cockpit shows services grouped and ordered by category.
CockpitEnhancementHANA Instances renamed to Database Systems after a redesign and simplification. The page lists all database systems, including database name, version and state. For information on working with Database Systems, see Persistence Service.
Software LogisticsEnhancementSAP HANA components can be installed and updated on multitenant-enabled SAP HANA instances. Furthermore, multitenant-enabled SAP HANA instances can be updated. For more information, see Installing SAP HANA Components and Updating SAP HANA Instances.
Git ServiceEnhancementFully documented creation and management of Git repositories from the cockpit. For more information, see Git Service.
Connectivity Service, CockpitEnhancementConnectivity of HTTP destinations of Proxy Type=OnPremise can be checked with the Check Connection button in the cockpit's Destinations editor. The check works only with Cloud connector, version 2.7.1 or later.
SAP HANAEnhancementSAP HANA revision 102.03 is productively available. For more information, see SAP Note 2021789 - SAP HANA Revision and Maintenance Strategy.
Internet of ThingsEnhancementThe OData interface for MMS supports extended filter options (neq, lt, le, gt, ge, and, or). For more information, see Message Consumption.

In addition, the OData entity properties are typed according to the respective database table column. For RDMS, a device supports up to 32 custom attributes. For example, you can use a custom attribute to store things like serial number, MAC or IP address of a device. For more information, see Device.

Cloud ConnectorBugfixVersion 2.7.1 of SAP HANA Cloud Connector.


  • When a shadow is upgraded from an older version, the system certificate stays correctly available. The system certificate used to get lost during the upgrade when connecting to the master instance, which was not yet upgraded. As a result, the system certificate could be restored only with a workaround.
  • The restart mechanism works properly in all environments. On some Linux systems, the restart used to not work as expected.
  • Changes needed to support the correct E2E destination check.





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