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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Projects - Applications & Industry Solutions


The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network hosts and facilitates a broad range of events and activities to foster project based co-innovation, enabling and extend the capabilities of our partners and SAP. Joint achievements of projects are showcased as packaged deliverables to gain broader momentum around their co-innovation and to make the topic more tangible. The COIL projects pages provide further insight.
The following list outlines a high-level perspective for the major projects successfully completed between 2008 and today in the area of applications and industry solutions.


Development of Redhat OpenShift Cartridge for Sybase ASE, IQ, and SQL Anywhere
with Redhat [COIL Palo Alto, May 2014]



SAP is looking to grow the ecosystem and achieve 10,000 partners by 2015. As a platform provider partner Redhat is helping SAP with this goal, by tapping into the ecosystem and developer communities through OpenShift.

The development of Redhat OpenShift Cartridge for Sybase portfolio provides a Platform as a Service environment for customers to build applications on ASE, IQ, and SQL Anywhere on an easy to access on-demand platform.

SAP DSM and AutoGrid DROMS
with Autogrid [COIL Palo Alto, September 2014]



SAP’s utility customers are being encouraged by regulators to deploy time varying pricing, with future ability to execute machine to machine demand response to effectively manage peak load reductions.  As such, they are looking for turn-key program management as rates and tariffs grow increasingly complex.

AutoGrid has developed a software platform (DROMS) that automates the management and operation of Utility Demand Response Programs.  DROMS provides utilities a systematic and granular method to forecast loads and potential shed, notify customers, signal direct load control devices and perform post-event analytics including M&V and billing settlement. SAP offers the Demand Side Management Solution to manage DR and other programs including the full program lifecycle and the full customer application and enrollment process.


This COIL project piloted the integration between SAP DSM and AutoGrid DROMS with the following scope:

  • Execute DR features on EV charging installation at SAP’s Palo Alto site
  • Utilize DROMS to manage SAP’s Demand Charges to reduce electric bill
  • Pass data between SAP’s web-based CRM and AutoGrid’s DROMS
  • Provide billing determinants from DROMS to SAP’s billing engine to provide settlement capabilities for Utility customers


SKA QC integration with SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)

with SKA [COIL Brasil, August 2014]


qc-sap.jpgSKA, a Brazilian company, is a leading provider of CAD/CAM software with a complete line of products for the design, simulation and documentation, including prototyping with 3D printing. Together with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Brasil (COIL), SKA developed an integration of their SKA QC product with the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) solution, covering document management, BOM management and Material Master management.

SKA QC is an ECAD software that works specifically with DWG documents, created specifically to manage the design of electrical projects. The solution eliminates repetitive, unproductive and manual tasks, providing a higher level of productivity and quality coupled with a reduction of errors, and enabling delivery of accurate information to the production process.


Following the development, SKA achieved from the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) the certification "SAP Certified Integration with SAP Applications", which qualifies the SKA QC integration to SAP PLM.

Rodrigo Leiria, Development Coordinator at SKA, affirms that COIL was an efficient platform to accelerate the development of their solution, and they are really satisfied with the certification of the SKA QC.

COILympics 2013

with finalists CoreSynesis, FH Consulting and VDSystems [COIL Brasil, December 2013]


COILympics 2013.pngFrom July to December 2013, Co-Innovation Lab Brasil with support from Amazon Web Services produced an initiative with a competition flavor called COILympics 2013. The objective of COILympics was to promote broader adoption of SAP’s innovation portfolio (e.g.: Mobility, SAP HANA and Business Objects) in the local SAP Ecosystem. Companies participating could integrate various SAP technologies to develop a functional prototype of an application, in a competitive and motivating environment where performance and innovation would be rewarded.


Following the announcement and prospection phases, the initiative kicked off with a 2 day workshop with several partners. At the end of the workshop, the partners submitted their ideas of prototype leveraging SAP technologies. Qualified partners engaged in the competition phase, attending a 5 day bootcamp, and developing their prototype in the following 10 weeks. At this phase the partners had access to a dedicated and exclusive COIL system landscape containing the SAP Mobility Platform, SAP ECC, SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 and SAP Business Objects. Partners also had access to a dedicated SAP HANA system running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. AWS provided the partners credits to use their services during the competition phase.


The participants and prototypes developed were evaluated considering aspects like innovation, regularity during the competition, desirability, viability and feasibility. After the development phase, three participants were rewarded: VDSystems classified in third place, and the two finalists CoreSynesis and FH Consulting were invited to do a live demo of their prototypes at the Co-Innovation Forum, during the Grand Opening of the SAP Labs Latin America, where the Award Ceremony of the COILympics took place. CoreSynesis was named the winner by a slightly difference, for which COIL Brasil rewarded both companies equally with a 100% discount on the COIL Membership. AWS also rewarded CoreSynesis with 5.000 USD credits to further use their cloud services while evolving the final prototype into a product ready to the market.


COILympics was a successful initiative leveraging collaboration between COIL and AWS, and engaging various partners which used multiple SAP technologies to create functional prototypes in a motivating competition.

Another interesting aspect of the initiative: students from local universities were also involved through all the competition. During the qualification phase, several students were invited to attend the 2 day workshop, having sequentially answered an online test about SAP’s innovation portfolio; the 3 best qualified students were invited to the 5 day bootcamp, taking a final test afterwards. The student with the best results in the tests was announced at the SAP Academic Forum, which also took place during the Grand Opening of the SAP Labs Latin America. The winning student had a slightly difference of one point to the second place.


mSeries integration with SAP ECC via SAP NetWeaver Gateway

with Spring Mobile [COIL Brasil, October 2013]

image003.pngSpring Mobile has developed an integration module for better coupling their mSeries solution to the SAP ECC backend by leveraging the SAP NetWeaver Gateway capabilities for exposing data and functionality as REST services via OData. The developed module standardize access to master data and is released as a code template ready to be deployed if no customizations exist on SAP. If customizations exist the module can be used as a starting point, serving as a basis for optimizing the implementation of mSeries and integration with SAP backend.

To gain performance, the new integration module also enables filtering data accessed from SAP ECC (specific fields) and control of what has been changed on the backend side (specific records), enabling delta changes only to be sent to mSeries. The development was divided into three components:

  1. RFC: SAP RFC module responsible for data extraction directly from the SAP ECC (field filtering) and change control (record filtering);
  2. SAP NetWeaver Gateway services: services responsible to expose data via REST+JSON to external consumers;
  3. mSeries orchestration: orchestration logic mapping each field of the data object accessed via the SAP NetWeaver Gateway services into each field of the corresponding entity in mSeries, connecting to the standard mSeries Integration Web Services.





FirsteamAgro SIA solution for Farm Operations ICC Certification

with FirsteamAgro [COIL Brasil, May 2013]


In May 2013, Firsteam Agro successfully certified their SIA solution within the certification category of ABAP and executed by SAP's ICC team, North America with the guidance of COIL Brazil. The correlated SAP interfaces have been "ABAP 7.0 - ABAP Add-On for SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.00". Further information can be found on the Partner Information Center (search for solution name “SIA”).




Commissioning software integration to PM module of SAP ECC

with HMSWeb [COIL Brasil, December 2012]


COIL Member HMSWeb, a company from Forship Engenharia group, has developed an integration of its commissioning software to the PM module of SAP ECC. This integration provides a better management capability, control and flow of information from the commissioning process, within the development life cycle of an industrial asset, to its commercial operation and further maintenance. The integration is done through RFC modules developed by HMSWeb.


COIL has supported by providing a virtualized landscape and continuous technical knowledge transfer during the development process of the application. Further information can be obtained from HMSWeb.



Moving towards SAP Discovery Server V5
with IBM [COIL Palo Alto, December 2011] projects/Project2011_Discovery_System_V5.jpg The SAP Discovery system provides a convenient prototyping environment for customers and partners to explore the newest SAP software and technologies - from the latest release of the SAP ERP application to the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, SAP BusinessObjects tools and solutions, service-oriented architecture (SOA), mobility solutions, the SAP Customer Relationship Management application, and more. The teams that drive the development of the Discovery system at SAP - the SAP service innovation team and the SAP customer solution adoption team - joined forces with IBM at COIL on two related projects. First, the joint forces built a PoC and validate that additional add-in virtual machine can be integrated with Discovery System V4 appliance. Built on the success of the first PoC, the team continued to develop the master build of Discovery System V5 at COIL.
You are welcome to check out an
overview of the project, listen to the team talking about the project and take a sneak peak at the demos and exercises included in Discovery system V5.

System Landscape for Maintenance of ERP Migration
with SAP Custom Development, SAP Japan [COIL Tokyo, December 2011]


Custom Development of SAP Japan completed the development of add-on functionality for its pharmaceutical customer in 2010 as a part of
system migration from Japanese local 4.6C system to the regional ECC 6.0 system.
Custom Development was looking for a system landscape for a continuous maintenance of the add-on functionality under a tight maintenance schedule, and COIL was able to fulfill their needs by providing the system landscape according to their requirement.
The maintenance activity will continue as CDP (Custom Development Project) in 2012, and COIL also continues to provision the required system landscape.
Information about Custom Development can be found here in English as well as in Japanese.

Interface for A-AUTO 7.1 certified
with BSP Inc. [COIL Tokyo, August 2011] In August 2011, BSP Inc. successfully certified their interface for A-AUTO 7.1 within the certification category of Background Processing, Job scheduling,
Platform User Licensing Compliant, Scheduling, System Management and executed by SAP's ICC team, North America with the guidance of COIL Tokyo. The correlated SAP interfaces have been "BC-XBP 6.10 - Background Processing, Job Scheduling 6.10 (Ver. 2.0)". Further information can be found on the
Partner Information Center using the search functionality (search for BSP, A-AUTO).

Social Media Integration with CRM through SAP NetWeaver Gateway
with Asian Paints Ltd. and AkaaRa Consulting [COIL Bangalore, May 2011] projects/Project2011_Gateway_AsianPaints.jpg COIL members Asian Paints, one of the world's leading manufacturers of paints, and AkaaRa Consulting, a strong player in the area of mobility, built an innovative Social CRM solution that integrates Twitter and Facebook with SAP CRM through SAP NetWeaver Gateway. The proof-of-concept built in COIL uses social media to identify leads, segment them and engage with the consumers. The interactions from the social media flow back into CRM and can be used for further marketing and sales activities. SAP NetWeaver Gateway enables the consumption of SAP Business Suite through the social media. Hear the testimonial by Manish Choksi, Chief of Corporate Strategy and CIO of Asian Paints.



SAP CRM ISV Co-Innovation - sales and demo support
with StrongMail, SAVO [COIL Palo Alto, May 2011]

Marketers turn to CRM systems to manage large volume, complex data sets and take advantage of the rich data at their disposal to drive relevant marketing programs. SAP CRM systems are great for managing customer data, campaign automation flow and tracking interactions with customers, and can be complemented with partner solutions. In 2010, COIL successfully completed a project with SAP CRM development team to develop the integration with partners, including StrongMail Message Studio email marketing solution and SAVO on-demand sales enablement solution. Continuing on earlier success, COIL completed a project with SAP CRM development team to support their marketing activities for the solution developed last year with a sales and demo

Get a taste of one of the integrations initiated at COIL for email marketing at SAP EcoHub.

SAVO On-Demand Sales Enablement Solution Qualification Support
with SAVO [COIL Palo Alto, May 2011]


The selling process is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. To execute against key initiatives driving the top line, salespeople must be armed with the right selling materials, insights, and access to the right people. By leveraging the combined strengths of SAVO on-demand Sales Enablement and the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application, customers benefit from the power of enterprise-level integration, decision analytics and mobility, allowing them to transform their selling organizations and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness from revenue-generating activities.

With this project, COIL teamed up with SAP partner management group and SAVO to validate the integration between SAVO and SAP CRM. Result of the COIL validation helped qualify SAVO as an SAP-endorsed business solution. Read SAVO's press release for further information.

Plant Operations Cockpit for continuous process industries
with Accenture [COIL Bangalore, January 2011] projects/Project2011_PdMII accenture project page.jpg Accenture joined the COIL program on partner-delivered SAP MII content (PdMII) and built a plant operations cockpit for continuous process industries such as chemicals. The solution is a key offering to clients featuring pre-built dashboards for planners and supervisors, real-time order management and offline capabilities. Through close involvement of SAP MII product teams the solution leverages both Accenture's deep industry expertise as well as the best practices for SAP MII.
Click here to read more on the project.

PdMII: 'Order Trace' Manufacturing Content for Process Industries
with Cognizant [COIL Bangalore, December 2010] projects/Project2010_PdMII_Cognizant_small.gif Cognizant with a deep knowledge in life sciences, specifically pharmaceuticals , has built a value added composite solution leveraging SAP technologies such as SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) and a MII compatible partner solution given the wide-acceptance of these technologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Cognizant joined the Partner-delivered MII content program (PdMII) in 2010 to collaborate and develop the "OrderTrace" solution.

Click here for more information on the project.

Extending SIGGA SM2 EAM solution for support of multiple backend and PI versions
with SIGGA [COIL São Paulo, November 2010] projects/Sigga certified architecture.gif SIGGA provides innovative solutions for strategic enterprise asset management (EAM). SIGGA SM2 is a solution that helps SAP customers to extend the use of the PM module by improving data entry into the system for EAM field services operations through the use of mobile devices.

COIL São Paulo and SIGGA engaged in a project to extend the addressable market of SIGGA's SM2 solution. SM2, initially supporting ECC 6.0 in combination with PI 7.01, now supports various ERP back-ends (R/3 4.7, ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0) together with multiple versions of PI (7.01 and 7.11). All necessary modifications and adjustment done by SIGGA have been made within the COIL delivered virtual landscape.

BPM & IFRS PoC by DayStar Consulting
with Daystar [COIL Tokyo, October 2010] projects/Project2010_BPM & IFRS PoC by DayStar Consulting.jpg Daystar Consulting has strength of BPR consulting in the manufacturingand retail industry. The IFRS and BPM are focus area for future projects opportunityand they were looking for an environment where they could evaluate latest SAPproducts. COIL system landscape could provide the latest SAP products as package(ERP 6.0 EhP4,CE 7.2,PI 7.2,Solution Manager 4.0) and they could start to use thelatest SAP product environment without installation efforts from their officevia Internet. After the functional evaluation in IFRS and BPM functions bytheir experts, an internal workshop was organized by using COIL system landscapefor their knowledge transfer session.

imageWARE Form Manager Version 8
with Canon Inc. [COIL Tokyo, September 2010] In September 2010, Canon, Inc. successfully certified their imageWARE Form Manager Version 8 within the certification category of J2EE Engine, Java, Platform User Licensing Compliant, Solution Manager Ready and executed by SAP's ICC team, North America with the guidance of COIL Tokyo.
The correlated SAP interfaces have been "JAVA-EE-STD 7.1 - Entry Certification for SAP NetWeaver 7.1 EE 5". Further information can be found on the
Partner Information Center using the search functionality (search for Canon, imageWare Form Manager).

SAP CRM ISV Co-Innovation – Integration
with StrongMail [COIL Palo Alto, May 2010] projects/Project2010_CRM_ISV_Integration.jpg Marketers turn to CRM systems to manage large volume, complex data sets and take advantage of the rich data at their disposal to drive relevant marketing programs. SAP CRM systems are great for managing customer data, campaign automation flow and tracking interactions with customers, and can be complemented with solutions from partner such as StrongMail for delivering high-volume email marketing campaigns. In this COIL project, SAP CRM group teamed with partners like StrongMail, SAVO, etc. to enhance our offerings.


Business All-in-One Solution for Professional Services
with MindTree [COIL Bangalore, March 2010]

MindTree Ltd, a regional SAP Service partner, in collaboration with SAP Professional services team has developed a Business All-in-One Solution for Professional Services which caters to the professional services industry. The Solution offers capabilities to run businesses more efficiently, increasing visibility into operations. MindTree's solution delivers a rich user interface based on SAP NetWeaver Business Client that makes it easy for users to use the applications day by day. The comprehensive process coverage includes accurate project related information on margins, utilization, revenue and profitability, allowing to run a professional services business successfully.
The Solution offers capabilities to run business more efficiently
  • Account Management / Sales
  • Gross Margin Estimation
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing
  • Project Profitability Analysis
The MindTree's Business All-in-One Solution helps Professional services organizations' to accelerate deployment with pre-configured processes & functionality and Improves project and operational efficiency

Validation project for Integration between SAP WSO and SAP CRM
with Accenture and ClickSoftware [COIL Tokyo, March 2010] projects/Project2010_AccentureClick.jpg This project successfully validated the integration between SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by ClickSoftware 2.0 and SAP CRM 7.0 based on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI).Accenture Japan and Sumitomo Life Information Systems Co., Ltd provided the project implementation, SAP and ClickSoftware supported technical issues, while the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo provided the project landscape to physically validate the integration.

For further information, please refer to the dedicated "COIL TOKYO's Validation Project of Integration between SAP WSO and SAP CRM" project page.


Ready-mix concrete (RMC) – Integrating Transvision’s Transport and Distribution Optimization Solution with SAP
with Transvision and IDS Scheer [COIL Walldorf, February 2010] projects/transvision_small.jpg.bmp Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is concrete that is (ready) mixed in a batching plant and then delivered to a construction site by truck in a rotary drum . Due to the nature of concrete it has a very short shelf-life.
Getting the material in time and in quality to the right place to pour it has quite some challenges. Especially in organizing the supply chain e.g. sequencing of the loads, determining of the right batching plant, reacting on sudden events (traffic jam, delay on construction site) and finally having real-time information on truck status.

The goal of the joint co-innovation project between Transvision, a transport and distribution optimization solution provider, IDS Scheer, a German system integrator, and the SAP Mill Products industry solution team, was to integrate the Transvision Concrete Planner with SAP applications. The outcome was a prototype implementation of a service-oriented integrated quote-to-cash process, where the quotation and daily order creating is done in SAP ERP system, the dispatching and delivery status tracking is handled by the Transvision Concrete Planner, and the billing and invoice runs again in SAP ERP. Additionally a client-side integration was developed based on the lord/Web Dynpro technologies, which realizes a tailored user interface for the ready-mix industry comprising the SAP order dialogue as well as the Transvision planning system.


Secure Business Workflows with Digital Signatures and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
with Arteria [COIL Bangalore, September 2009]

Arteria Technologies has built secure business workflows using digital signatures and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (SIFbA). With this, paper-based processes can be turned into automated digital processes that ensure the same level of data integrity and user verification. As proof points, two B2B scenarios have been implemented: supplier quote management and sales order entry. The project explored and implemented various ways of securing Adobe Forms in Offline and online scenarios, such as Single and multiple signatures, including send for changes. The solution underlines how Digital Signatures work with Adobe Forms, to provide document authenticity, imposter prevention and verification of identities of senders and recipient.


SAP Solution Manager and HP Quality Center
with HP [COIL Tokyo, May 2009] projects/Project2009-7_SAP SolMan & HP Quality Center.JPG This evaluation project proves the value of SAP Enterprise Support with customers selected out of the Japan SAP User Group (JSUG) by means of an end-to-end test management scenario. The project has been initiated by HP Japan and mutually engages with the following SAP teams: SAP Japan Active Global Support, the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo, SAP's Customer Innovation Center and SAP field services. With this it combines all forces into one team of SAP and the SAP Ecosystem.

The SAP Quality Center by HP and the correlated adapter are not only subject of SAP service and license sales but are also a key element in the Run SAP methodology and the value of SAP Service and Support. Further information can be found in the related article or the project description. A press release from SAP and a Nikkei article are available in Japanese.


Transport Concrete – Ready Mix Integration
with Command Alkon [COIL Walldorf, November 2009] In this co-innovation project with Command Alkon and the SAP Mill Products industry solution a pilot implementation of a SOA based integration of Command Alkon's ready-mix concrete application (COMMANDseries 3.8) with SAP's industry solution for Mill Products (based on SAP ERP 6.0) was developed. The SAP Process Integration 7.11 was used to connect the two solutions. The data exchange between the applications were realized through
Enterprise Services. The pilot implementation of this integration was also certified for Integration via Enterprise Services (ESOA-Bundle). Further information can be found in the
press release.


Manufacturing Excellence with SAP MII: Business Process Orchestration
with Asian Paints [COIL Bangalore, May 2009] projects/Project2009-8_MII - BPO 1.JPG In this SAP Co-innovation project, pilot implementations were made by SAP Labs India in the area of tank farm management, modeling shop floor execution rules and building dashboards for KPI reporting and shop floor execution, to help Asian Paints to develop the information architecture for its manufacturing operations.

Further information can be found in the COIL Bangalore Opening press release on


Process Integration between B+Plus and SAP ERP

with Tecnos [COIL Tokyo, September 2009] projects/20091015 TecnosProjectSummary.jpg JTB-CWT Business Travel Solutions is a local and global leader in travel and expense management solutions and offers a web based travel management system named B+PLUS. This project was geared to prototype a SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) based Business-to-Business (B2B) integration between B+PLUS and SAP ERP's finance system. The resulting proof of concept improves data accuracy, as well as the overall end user experience of the solution. Tecnos Japan provided the implementation for this integration, while the Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo provided the landscape out of its data center facility.

Further information can be found in the project summary presentation (in Japanese) as well as in the explanatory result videos.


J-Model SOA Project
with J-SOL [COIL Tokyo, April 2009] projects/Project2009-9_ J-MODEL SOA project.JPG The Japanese retail industry has recently undergone dramatic changes through especially mergers and acquisitions that resulted in radical changes of the long established distribution channels. J-Sol's J-Model, an ERP based template for the retail industry, thus had to adapt to this industry transformation. J-Model is now required to support various business processes to communicate with each distribution channels in a flexible and agile manner.

This project was thus geared to investigate possibilities in adapting the existing ERP template to the new requirements through the introduction of a service  oriented architecture. J-SOL thus leveraged SAP's Discovery System within the COIL facility to start the investigation. COIL provided SOA design and implementation methodology workshops ( e.g. PdES and ES Enhancement) to further facilitate J-SOL with the required knowledge and expertise. J-SOL ultimately started a proof of concept and ultimately develop a demo for SAP event (SBS Tokyo 2008). In August 2008, J-SOL released their results as part of a press release in English or Japanese.


Manufacturing Excellence with SAP MII: Seamless Interoperability
with Asian Paints and KLG Systel [COIL Bangalore, April
2009] projects/Project2009-10_MII - Interop 2.JPG This co-innovation project linked Asian Paint's existing shop floor control systems with SAP's flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, SAP® ERP, to enable better reporting and effective decision-making. Asian Paints worked with SAP and KLG Systel to connect its batch control system with the production planning and plant information functionality in the SAP landscape using the SAP® Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence application (SAP MII).
Further information can be found in the COIL Bangalore Opening press release on


Interactive Advantage - Business Scenario Packages Using SAP Interactive Forms
with Arteria Technologies [COIL Bangalore, March 2009] projects/Project2009-17_Interactive Advantage.JPG The Interactive Advantage solution offers pre-packaged workflow scenarios coupled with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. The focus is on core business areas such as procurement, corporate service, sales, materials management and human capital management. The solution supports offline mode of operation and includes scenarios for - dealers, suppliers and customers as well. The supplier quotation scenario from the package is SOA enabled and
leverages Enterprise Services from SAP and Arteria. These pre-packaged forms have been developed in SAP Co-Innovation Lab and are designed for a rapid go-live with deployment time of 3-4 weeks per scenario.
Further information on the solution can be found on its SAP Ecohub appearance.

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