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This document houses information relevant for users of SAP Support.  It will be maintained and updated frequently to ensure you have the most current content available.

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SAP Service Marketplace, also known as SMP (, is a landing page that leads to areas such as the SAP Community Network, the SAP Partner Portal, and the SAP Support Portal.





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SAP Service Marketplace link:

Contacting CIC (Customer Interaction Center):

SAP Help Portal:

SAP Enterprise Support Information:

SAP Support Portal How To Videos:

On Demand Support:

Free BI Tutorials:

Notifications of new Mobile BI releases: 

SAP Education:

Upgrading or Implementing BI4? Start here:

SAP Support Portal: SAP Support Portal



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**SAP Business One Customer Portal:

**SAP PartnerEdge:

**SAP Sybase Support Portal:

**SAP Consulting, Solutions, and User Groups Area: 

**SAP Customer Relationship Management:

**Globalization: Country and Language Information:

**Performance and Scalability:


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*SAP Idea Place: SAP Idea Place:  Home

*SuccessFactors Support:

*Analytics Webinars on SCN (open to all):




SAP Support Portal links

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Home page:

**Logging a support incident: Report an Incident

**Software Downloads:  Software Downloads

**License Key requests: Keys

**Enterprise Support Academy:

**System Data and Maintenance: System Data

**User Data and Maintenance:

**Remote Connections: Remote Support

SAP Support Portal FAQs: Getting Started

**SAP Release, Upgrade, & Maintenance: Release, Upgrade & Maintenance Info

**SAP Rampup programs:

SAP Customer Center of Expertise: Customer Center of Expertise

**SAP Product and Solution Improvements and Innovations:

**SAP Product and Solution Road Maps:

**Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer Learning:

**SAP Maintenance Schedules: Schedules for Support Packages and Stacks

**Remote Service Connections: Remote Connections

**Hardware Quick Sizer:

**SAP Browser Certificate (SAP Passport): Browser Certificate (SAP Passport) - Help

**SAP Support Offerings: Support Programs & Services

**SAP Influence Programs:

**SAP Notes/KBA's:SAP Note & Knowledge Base Article Search

**SAP Netweaver Guide Finder:




SCN product/solution topic spaces




SAP Support Customer Experience: @SAPSupportCE

SAP Product Support: @SAP_Gsupport



SAP Product Support:




SAP Service Marketplace:


Difference between Knowledge Base Article and SAP Notes

SAP Knowledge Base Articles are support documents to help you to find answers to questions arising from your daily work with SAP software products. SAP BusinessObjects Notes have been renamed and are now part of the SAP Knowledge Base Articles database. Complementing the standard tool for coding corrections, SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles are also found via SAP Notes Search and the SAP Message Wizard. Containing screenshots and direct links, SAP Knowledge Base Articles combine compact information with additional visualizations and references to other knowledge sources within SAP. With the rating option in the upper right hand corner of all SAP Knowledge Base Articles you are able to provide feedback, and this rating will help improve the general quality of SAP Knowledge Base Articles



Comparison chart SAP Notes vs. SAP Knowledge Base Articles


SAP NotesSAP Knowledge Base Articles


  • Complex technical issues
  • 80% of SAP Notes contain coding corrections
  • Technical language
  • Translated into English, German, Japanese


  • Incident-specific documents
  • No coding corrections
  • Instant publishing
  • User wording
  • Enriched content (embedded screenshots and direct links)
  • Optimized for search & find by providing more relevant keywords
  • Rating feature to provide feedback on the quality of an article


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