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How to Create SAP Lumira Visualization Extensions using Web IDE

Create Lumira extensions easily using this powerful cloud-based IDE. Dong Pan shows you how !

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What's New in SAP Lumira 1.21 (summary)

Lumira 1.21 is available now ! Sharon Om shares highlights of what you can expect in this release !


SAP Lumira Virtual Class Webinars - Getting Started with SAP Lumira

New to Lumira? Join Linda Perruzi in the monthly live webinars to learn, ramp up on Lumira and start building really cool visualisations!

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How to use Esri Maps in SAP Lumira

SAP Brings Geo Content to Lumira to Link GIS Information to Business Data. Avni Savant shares the exciting details !

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Guide to SAP Lumira Data Access Extensions (DAE)

Trevor Dubinsky publishes his own understanding of DAE and how they work in Lumira. Create a DAE in Part Two


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