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Register for the University Alliances Community:

The University Alliances Community (UAC) home base is within the SAP Community Network (SCN). Educators from around the world download academic materials, participate in forums and take advantage of the many resources the SCN community provides. This public portion of our community is available to anyone interested in using and learning more about SAP and ERP technology.


If you already utilize SCN then you can access the UAC without a problem.  Please edit your profile to subscribe to the the UAC newsletter.  If you are not a SCN member, follow the steps below to register.

Step 1: Go to and at the top of the page, click on "Join Us"




Step 2: Fill in all the required fields and click “Continue.” (NOTE: Please use your university email address)

Reg Screen 1.png

Contact via Email.png

  • Choose "Yes" to receive additional SAP communications to ensure you will receive future correspondence and the newsletter from University Alliances and SCN

Step 3: To accept the “Terms of Use & Private Policy,” click “Read and accept” then scroll down to activate the accept button and accept

Reg Screen 3.png

  • A link will be sent to your email address to activate the account


Step 4: Go to your email and activate your account

Activate Email.png

Step 5: Once you activiate your account, a new screen will come up, click "Continue" and confirm the username for the account

Account Activated.png

Confirm User.png

Step 6: On the site, go to your name and click the drop down for "Edit profile & privacy"

Edit Profile & Privacy.png


  • Fill in the Following Information for “Personal Data”
    • Your Company: Your company or university
    • Your Emal Address
    • Your Country
    • Your Profession: “Lecturer/Professor” OR if you are a student, mark “student”
    • Industry: “Higher Education & Research (HE&R)
    • Short Biography: Include your title in the biography


Step 7: Update your Newsletter Subscription here.

UA Newsletter Sub.png

Register for the Members-Only Content

The UAC Members-Only areas stores private,members-only curriculum content and help forums. To access this private content a user must be an SCN member and a part of the faculty of a University Alliances member school.


** You must make visible to "Everyone" your Name, Email, and Company so that we can grant access.

  • If we cannot view your Name, Email and Company (University), we will not provide you access. Contact your UA lead if you have issues.



Once you have completed the steps to register for the UAC, go to
Scroll down to the UA Program Members-Only Access Request widget on the left and click Request.


You will receive an email once your request has been approved.

  • Note: This area is only accessible to professors and faculty who teach at University Alliances member schools.


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