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The Ultimate Data Geek Challenge





Viz the World Cup!




Join World Cup fever and share your data viz of your favorite team. Visit for details.


The Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data Challenge is now closed. If you wish to still submit your Data Visualization entries, you can fill out the submission form and they will be uploaded and showcased on the Data Geek library.


Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data Infographic

2013 Data Geek Winners

Lumira called out for a team of Data Geek superheroes to battle the Lord of Dark Data. Data Geeks responded, joining together from around the globe to show off their data visualization skills and fight the Lord of Dark Data. With over 160 submissions and 16,000 votes coming in from across 35 countries, a team of Super Data Geek Heroes emerged:


The Big Data Boss --  John Appleby (Data Viz)

The Predictor -- Nameeth Raman (Data Viz)

The Visualizer -- Abijeet Mukkawar (Data Viz)

The Sidekick -- Robert Russell (Data Viz)

The Prodigy -- Varun Mankodi (Data Viz)


The Lord of Dark Data has been defeated, for now....


Thank you to everyone who participated!





Welcome to Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data

We’d like to invite you to participate in the next edition of the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge. A new enemy of data has emerged and Lumira needs your help to uncover insights and rid the world of dark data.




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Data Geek 2.0 The Rise of Dark Data (Official Trailer)


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