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DataGenius IV




Three years ago, a joint effort to combine brains with data evolved into a global movement known as DataGeek. By empowering the world’s most data-savvy enthusiasts with the data visualization power of SAP Lumira, hundreds of compelling and insightful stories have been told, shared, and celebrated (see past entries)

Now DataGenius IV has become the community for people around the world to use creativity to solve complex problems with simple SAP solutions. It has become its own community, with fans and evangelists from all over the world who celebrate the innovation of SAP products through a fun and engaging campaign. DataGenius is about a combination of data wrangling, data storytelling and being innovative, all in the name of solving real-world problems. Are you ready to accept the challenge?


Health & Social Impact Alliance


Galactic League of Entertainment & Sports


Guild of Technology & Scientific Discovery


Business & Trade Federation





Not only will your DataGenius IV entry produce solutions to help improve the world, the top three winners will also receive a combined total of $10,000 to donate to DataGenius-approved charities and one free SAPPHIRE NOW pass each.


In addition, every entry receives a free, limited-edition DataGenius IV t-shirt and other swag items (while supplies last)!



1st Place


Donation to Charity

+ 1 Free SAPPHIRENOW 2016 Pass


2nd Place


Donation to Charity

+ 1 Free SAPPHIRENOW 2016 Pass


3rd Place


Donation to Charity

+ 1 Free SAPPHIRENOW 2016 Pass



Use simplicity to solve complexity and create solutions to solve real-world problems. Summon your inner genius and enter today!

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For questions and other inquiries please contact or tweet us @SAPAnalytics



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