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SAP Netweaver Gateway Demo System



The Netweaver Gateway test system upgrades are complete.  The system is now running normally.

Get ready for a test-drive with SAP Netweaver Gateway

For developers who want to get a first impression of SAP NetWeaver Gateway we are offering free access to an online demo-system. If you are a registered SCN users, you can get access to several sample services exposed by the latest SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0. You can use your favorite development environment or just a web browser to connect to the demo landscape via a URI. You will see how easy it is to access a processes and data from a standard SAP Business Suite system (ERP, CRM, ...) via open protocols as they are offered by SAP NetWeaver Gateway.



Note: As by May-8th please use the system as described in the How to get access document. The Enterprise Service Workplace that you may have used in the past is only available for a grace period for old projects and will be shut down soon. Please note as well that all how to documents referring to the Enterprise Service Workplace have to be used with the new system information as mentioned above. For further information please visit the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer Center here.


Sample Gateway Services

We have selected initially a number of typical services, that you can use to familiarize yourself with the technology. Over time we will offer additional services covering more and more use cases.


The current services are provided with URIs for:

  • the Consumption Model, which points to the OData service
  • the metadata document, which is a complete XML representation of a Consumption Model
  • a sample query operation. This URI already returns a list of sample data from the underlying IDES system. It is possible to edit the URI for a different query
  • a sample read operation, providing details for one data object. Also this URI can be altered.


Please see the list of already available services below.


Flight Example

This sample service will expose data from the good old Flight sample application, which is available in SAP NetWeaver since many years.


Bank Example

This sample service lets you access information about bank data via the BOR Bank object.

This service has been generated on the SAP NetWeaver Gateway server using the Object Based Generator for BOR Objects.


Sales Order Example

This example is based on the very common Sales Order scenario. The sample service exposes Sales Orders consisting of header and line item data from an SAP backend ERP system via the Gateway OData channel .


Note that a user ID for the ES Workplace Gateway and ERP systems are required to execute this scenario.


A How-To Guide on how to implement this Sales Order example is also available here.



This example is based on the SAP Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM). EPM is a test application that serves as a proxy for SAP’s realworld Business Suite applications. It is based on real-world business logic and scenarios that can be used for different testing approaches and is equipped with the means to generate meaningful test data.



New: EPM based sample service


This example is also based on the SAP Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM). A detailed description can be found here


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