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Data Samples for SAP Lumira



This page contains a list of data samples created with SAP Lumira by members of the data visualization community.

Use these data samples to help create your own visualizations, add and share your own data samples or public data sets to this document.


Newsfeed visual extensionTry this visual extension for a newsfeed with SAP Lumira
CO2 emission by countryAnalysis and visualization of CO2 emissions by country
Which fish are OK to eatAnalysis and visualization of which fish are ok to eat
Haiti aid fundingAnalysis of aid funding for the Haiti earthquake
College Football Stadium CapacitiesCollege football analysis of stadium capacity
Analyzing the World Analysis of world population
Day in the Life of a Sales VPBusiness analysis of a sales VP
Music-To-DataMusic analysis in data format
NCAA Basketball Data 2012College basketball data from 2012

Olympics Data

Historical Olympics data

USDA nutrient Data

Food and nutrition data

Workforce Distribution Report

Business data for human resources
Pay and Occupation AnalysisOccupation and salary analysis

NHL Hockey Data

NHL hockey data set
Business Performance AnalysisBusiness performance analysis
General Election in India (2009)General election in India (2009) data
India OlympicsIndia Olympics data
IRIS PredictionIRIS prediction analysis
11 Years Cycle of Solar Sports in Relation to the Dutch WeatherSolar sports and Dutch weather data
Superhero Attributes DataSuperhero powers analysis
2014 Brazil World Cup DataFun facts and picks
Olympic Medal TallyAnalysis of the Olympics medal tally
World Bank Gender DataGender diversity at work
2012/2013 British Football DataBritish football transfers
HRM USA DataAnalyzing the HRM in USA
Japan Immigration for 2010Immigration into Japan
ESPN Cricket DataTest cricket players sportsman
NHL Player AnalysisNHL player data
Customer Behavior AnalyticsCustomer behavior data
Crime AnalysisCrime data
Superhero AnalysisSuperhero data
USA Gun Crime DataAnalyzing US gun crime statistics
Website AnalysisPopular websites
Generic Odata Generic sales data
David Hasselhoff's Future DataDavid Hasselhoff's future
Japan Population DataAnalysis about the people in Japan
High Technology ExportsAnalysis of high-tech exports with Predictive Analysis
Indonesia Population (2003-2011)Distribution of Indonesia's population that lives in villages and towns
Indonesia Population (2007-2012)Distribution of Indonesia's population that lives in village and city
NFL PlayersNFL data for drafts
India PopulationAnalysis of India's population in 2011
Research and Development DataAnalysis of R&D with Predictive Analysis
Data About Sachin (Cricket Player) Player analysis of Sachin (Cricket player)
Whale Sighting DataAnalysis of whale sightings in Australia


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Learn about the Data Geek Challenge at and use your data or data samples provided here with SAP Lumira. Follow @SAPLUMIRA on Twitter for more information and updates.


An equivalent page can be found here: SAP Lumira Data Samples | SAP HANA


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