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SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) is part of the SAP Real-time Data Platform

The SAP® Real-Time Data Platform is a unified framework capable of managing all forms of data used for both transactional and analytical purposes with unprecedented speed and fficiency. It offers a fundamentally new approach to data management that will help you transform the way you run your business.

It lets you process, analyze, and deliver complete and accurate information at any speed to any application or user located anywhere – with low TCO.


At the core of the SAP Real-time Data Platform is SAP HANA®, the market-leading in-memory platform optimized for both transactional and analytical processing. The SAP Real-time Data Platform extends the capabilties of SAP HANA by integrating other SAP data management techonogies into a common unified framework.  SAP Sybase ESP is the event stream processing component of the platform. As such ESP has direct support for the other products that comprise the SAP Real-time Data Platform:



ESP has built-in connectivity to SAP HANA providing ESP with the ability to capture high speed, high volume event streams in SAP HANA. Any ESP output streams can be captured in tables in SAP HANA, allowing ESP to be used to capture raw event data and/or processed data where ESP can apply complex filtering algorithms to capture only meaningful data, compute trends or statistics, combine data from different sources, and apply complex data transofrmations.  In addition to capturing data in SAP HANA,  ESP can also query SAP HANA to obtain contextual information for use in processing incomging events. This could be reference information or historical information to compare current activity to norms; it can also make use of analytics in SAP HANA to determine how to handle an new event. For more information on SAP HANA, visit or the SAP HANA Developer Center on SCN.


SAP Sybase IQ

SAP Sybase IQ is a highly optimized RDBMS designed for extreme-scale data warehousing and big data analytics.  Distinguished from conventional databases by its column-oriented, grid-based architecture, patented data compression, and advanced query optimizer, SAP Sybase IQ is deployed in a wide variety of settings delivering unmatched performance, flexibility, and economy in even the most challenging reporting and analytics environments.  Input streams can be filtered, aggregated using SAP Sybase ESP and stored in SAP Sybase IQ. In addition, ESP can pull data from IQ to provide context for processing incoming events. For more information visit the IQ community on SCN.


SAP Sybase ASE

SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a high-performance relational database management system for mission-critical, data-intensive environments. SAP Sybase ESP provides adapters for reading/writing data to ASE.  The adapters for reading data from ASE can be configured to poll the database at regular intervals, thereby ensuring that information used in ESP is updated.  If continuous flow of information from the database to the ESP engine is needed, then the replication server adapter described below is recommended. For more information on SAP Sybase ASE, see the ASE solution page.


SAP Sybase Replication Server

SAP Sybase Replication Server can be used for real-time change capture on source databases, turning database transactions into real-time events that are streamed into ESP.  This allows complex event processing logic to be applied non-intrusively to existing applications built on a supported RDBMS. Traditional approaches to change capture have typically required the CEP engine to constantly poll the database, querying it for data changes. This frequent polling results in performance impact to the source database systems as well as latency in detecting important events. The SAP Sybase ESP Adapter for Replication Server utilizes the SAP Sybase Replication Server to read database logs and converts the database transactions, namely, table inserts, updates and deletes and stored procedure invocations into streams that can be processed in real-time within the ESP engine. Read more about SAP Sybase Replication Server here, or visit the Replication Server community on SCN.


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