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SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Sep 2012 => PI | B2B | BPM | BRM | Workflow on SCN

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Process Orchestration on SCN - September 2012

Your monthly overview of all contributions in the area of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration => PI | B2B | BPM | SAP Business Workflow | BRM (including SAP NetWeaver BRM, BRFplus, SAP NetWeaver DSM).


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Grzegorz Glowacki joins the SCN Moderators team for the PI space


SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management at SAP TechEd 2012

SAP TechEd 2012 is just around the corner. Packing for Las Vegas, Madrid or Bangalore? Here is your Process Orchestration/BPM quick guide by Benjamin Notheis.


SAP TechEd 2012 Sessions covering Process Orchestration with focus on Process Integration

Here is your Process Orchestration/Process Integration quick guide by SAP’s Alexander Bundschuh.


SAP ADM webinar, Oct 9th: Empower Business Experts to Control the Decision Logic Across Enterprise Applications with SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

Register and join on October 9. Presenters: SAP’s Carsten Ziegler & Matthias Weber and Gagan Saxena from Decision Management Solutions.


Upcoming workshop: Process Excellence with BPM and Mobility - Jumpstart for Business and IT, November 8-9, PA, USA

Compiled by Incture Technologies and SAP Education this workshop is a great jumpstart for beginners but will bring fresh insights for anyone experienced in BPM on how process excellence is achieved with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and Mobility suites. Read more in Ritesh Menon’s blog.

SAP’s B2B Integration Strategy

SAP has a 360 degree solution approach covering all aspects of the B2B integration needs of your organization: OnPremise, OnDemand and Hybrid. In this blog Piyush Gakhar introduces SAP’s Strategy for B2B Integration paper. Covering all available B2B solutions from SAP, it helps you determine when each of them is best to be used..


Quick guide to the SAP’s B2B offering with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

In this blog Katrin Ahsen explains the positioning of the B2B add-on and the new RDS for EDI with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration. Learn what are the benefits for new Customers and options for SAP Partners.


Business Rules Management updates in EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3

Roshi Vijaywargiya’s blog gives a comprehensive overview of the new BRM features of the Rules Manager and Rules Composer with EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3


Be Good to Each Other: Foundations for the Social Enterprise / Social BPM

How to motivate people to collaborate on tasks and processes together - the making it "happen in BPM" part of the equation? Read this passionate blog by Jocelyn Dart to see her views on the people question and feel free to add yours.


New SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration RDS for EDI available now!

Migrate easily and cost efficiently from your legacy B2B integration solution to SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration using the new Electronic Data Interchange rapid deployment solution. Read more in Katrin Ahsen’s blog.

B2B Webinar replay!

B2B collaboration with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (BPM, BRM & PI) and the new RDS for EDI Integration by Katrin Ahsen.


Model a process & help a doctor: SCN members combine business processing with non-profit giving

Read Mariana Mihaylova’s blog to find out how a group of SAP Business Workflow experts and authors teamed up for a non-profit giving. Feel free to share details about causes that you love and support.


Everything you wanted to know about BPM security but were afraid to ask...

A wonderful piece by our very own Jocelyn Dart on SAP NetWeaver BPM security. Here is her summary of major considerations (release 7.3 and above) when starting BPM processes, executing tasks and automated steps, monitoring, analytics, and other stuff. Feel free to share any authorizations you have found particularly helpful.


Customize Your SAP NetWeaver BPM through APIs

SAP NetWeaver BPM is offering a set of APIs that enables you to customize and enhance the way you use business processes and execute tasks. Stefan Henke's article gives an introduction into the BPM API's functionality and provides corresponding code examples. Have a look and build, for example, your own task inbox that meets your individual needs.


Practical Advice for SAP Workflow Certification

By Susan Keohan - some great advices by Susan who has set a goal quite some time ago. It may help you prepare for your workflow certification, but also for achieving anything else.


Integration Patterns for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

So how exactly do SAP NetWeaver PI and SAP NetWeaver BPM talk to each other, when installed on one Java system? Read more in this blog by Abdul-Gafoor Mohamed.


Enterprise Patterns in Process Orchestration – Splitter

Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) help in solving recurring problems faced in the integration of enterprise applications.  This article introduces the Splitter – one of the Enterprise Integration patterns in the context of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration. Read more in this blog by Abdul-Gafoor Mohamed.


SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Roadmap available!

By Eduardo Chiocconi


New Deep Copy Tool in Integration Directory 7.31 SP4

By Ilya Stepanov : There is a new copy tool Integration Directory 7.31 SP4 which might be interesting to you. It allows to 'deep' copy a configuration scenario and change business components to new values.





SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management 1.0 Ramp-Up Process Has Started!

Read Carsten Ziegler’s blog to know how SAP’s new superior technology can help you cut down implementation times by 90% and still add more flexibility. Join the ramp-up to reap immediate business value.


System Landscape for Netweaver 7.3.1

By Martin Gerritsen


Simple Approach for CCMS-Monitoring of Communication Channels

By Martin Wendler


Handling DOCTYPE tag in PI

By Sreedhar Kanchanapalli


JDBC Receiver scenarios best practices - How to handle High volume load-Stored procedure design-Part6

By Raja Sekhar Reddy


JDBC Receiver scenarios best practices - How to handle High volume load-Stored procedure design-Part5

By Raja Sekhar Reddy


Setting Queue Dynamically using Adapter Module

By Rakesh Sharma


Integration Directory - Copy Configuration

By Sumit Khetawat


Convert incoming XML to Excel or Excel XML – Part 1 - XSLT Way

By Aashish Sinha


Convert incoming XML to Excel Sheet Part 2 – Adapter Module way

By Aashish Sinha


Managing and monitoring planning processes with SAP NetWeaver BPM

By Sebastian Zick


B2B- EDI Inbound -Step by Step Configuration

By Rahul Malani


Configure the HTTP_AAE receiver communication channel with SSL

By Venkata Ramesh Boppana


Dynamically providing URL and action values to receiver SOAP communication channel

By Venkata Ramesh Boppana





SAP’s B2B Integration Strategy (On-Premise, OnDemand and Hybrid)

By Piyush Gakhar


What is New in BRM with SAP EHP1 of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3

By Roshi Vijaywargiya



SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management for Technical Experts

By Wolfgang Schaper


SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management for Business Experts

By Wolfgang Schaper


How-To Guides for Sap NetWeaver CE/MDM/Mobile/PI 7.1 - Business Process Management and Composition

By Eyal Katz


Process Observer

By Bernd Schmitt


Process Observer In-Depth Workshop

By Bernd Schmitt


Monitoring and Analyzing Business Suite Processes using Process Observer

By Bernd Schmitt


Sending multiple attachments in the user decision step of workflow

By Lokesh Tripathi


How To Configure SFTP Adapter in SAP PI

By Vrinda Deshmukh


SAP PI and Conversion Agent

By Sushama Pandey


PI 7.3 Enhanced Features

By Sushama Pandey


E-Mail notifications configuration in NWA

by Venkata Ramesh Boppana


IDOC_AAE To File with all Configurations

By Swathi Bobbity


How To: OPI2 AS2 Adapter Test Scenarios

By Karsten Möhwald


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