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SAP SD Standard Reports.



Many times we get a request from client to give list of all standard SAP Reports (Though the fact is they will never access all these reports , but still they would like to have a list from Consultants).


There is Standard SAP T-Code - SAP1 which facilitates Report selection across modules.


Recently we compiled a list of 50+ standard reports & I would like to mention them here:


Reports NameDescription
VA15NInquiries List
VA25NQuotations List
SDQ1Expiring Quotations
SDQ2Expired Quotations
SDQ3Completed Quotations
VA05NList of Sales Orders
SDO1Orders Within Time Period
V.02Incomplete Orders
VA35NList of Scheduling Agreements
VA45NList of Contracts
SDV1Expiring Contracts
SDV2Expired Contracts
SDV3Completed Contracts
VA14LSales Documents Blocked for Delivery
V.23Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
VL06OOutbound Delivery Monitor
VF05NList of Billing Documents
VB(8List Rebate Agreements
S_ALR_87012218Credit master sheet
F.31Credit Management Overview
FCV3Credit Management Early warning list
MCTASIS: Customer Analysis
MCTCSIS: Material Analysis
MCTESIS: Sales organization
MCTKSIS: Shipping point
MCTISIS: Sales employee
MCTGSIS: Sales office
MC(ASIS: Incoming orders
MC+ASIS: Returns
MC+ESIS: Customer Analysis: Invoiced Sales
MC+ISIS: Customer Analysis: Credit memos
F.35SIS: Credit master sheet
MC(ESIS: Material Analysis: Incoming orders
MC+MSIS: Material Analysis: Returns
MC+QSIS: Material Analysis: Invoiced Sales
MC+USIS: Material Analysis: Credit memos
MC(ISIS: Sales Orgn Analysis: Incoming orders
MC+YSIS: Sales Orgn Analysis: Returns
MC+2SIS: Sales Orgn Analysis: Sales
MC+6SIS: Sales Orgn Analysis: Credit memos
MC(MSIS: Sales Office Analysis: Incoming orders
MC-ASIS: Sales Office Analysis: Returns
MC-ESIS: Sales Office Analysis: Sales
MC-ISIS: Sales Office Analysis: Credit memos
MC(QSIS: Sales Employee Analysis: Incoming orders
MC-MSIS: Sales Employee Analysis: Returns
MC-QSIS: Sales Employee Analysis: Sales
MC-USIS: Sales Employee Analysis: Credit memos
VC/2Sales Summary (Customer Fact Sheet)
V/LDPricing Reports
VD59List Customer Material Info
VB35Promotion List
VB25List of Sales Deals
VC05List of Sales Activities
VB25List of Sales Deals
VCUSTCustomer List
VA06Sales order Monitor
SDD1Duplicate Documents


Hope this helps.


Jignesh Mehta


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