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Scripting Tracker Lite - Development Tool for SAP GUI Scripting

Hello community,

OSS note 1633639 tells us very clear the status about the SAP GUI Development Tools with Windows 7. Also we see the problems with the wizard here.


Scripting Tracker Lite is an alternative. It is a small utility to replace the SAP GUI Scripting wizard.


The program shows a clearly arranged tree with all SAP sessions and its scripting objects. Also it shows for each scripting object, after the selection in the tree with a single mouse click, a lot of technical details like e.g. ID, position etc.


With the Analyzer the program offers the possibility to identify each scripting object with a red frame. It is possible on the one hand to select an object from the hierarchy tree and to press the right mouse button. One the other hand it is possible to select a session from the hierarchy tree and to press the identify button. Now it is necessary to move the mouse pointer to the selected session window. This functionality is equal to the SAP GUI Scripting wizard. After the identifying of the scripting object it is possible to copy its technical name, called ID, to the clipboard and to use them in another context.




Scripting Tracker Lite is free and you can download it from


27.04.2013: New version 2.03 is available with the following changes:

  1. Bug fixing, thanks to Rüdiger Specht for the hint.


Product status: stable.


Comments are welcome.

Enjoy it.





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