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SAP HANA: New or Modified OSS Notes, Last 30 Days

These are the new/modified OSS notes relating to HANA in the last 30 days. You will need an OSS logon to view the detail of the notes (note numbers are links to the note in OSS), but this will at least give an overview of the activity and updates relating to HANA.


Application AreaSAP Note NumberVersionShort TextChanged onCategoryPriority
BC-DB-HDB177529331Migration/system copy to SAP HANA using latest SWPM 1.020130702ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-XS17798039Current Restrictions: XS / Development Perspective20130702Release planning informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-INS18489761SAP HANA Platform SPS 06 Release Note20130702Installation informationCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18682091SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Central Note20130702Advance developmentRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18687021SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Remote Datasource Drivers20130702Installation informationCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18726522SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Statistics for Virtual Tables20130702Advance developmentCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18792942SAP HANA smart data access SP120130702Installation informationCorrection with low priority
BC-DB-HDB18802744SAP HANA appliance: Revision 60 of SAP HANA database20130702Upgrade informationCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18814542SLT Correction for logging table selection in source system20130702Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-PLE18613951Revision 60 Enhancements for Planning Functions20130701Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-DB6-CCM18790802DBA Cockpit: Laufzeitfehler BCD_ZERODIVIDE in DB1320130701Program errorCorrection with low priority
BC-DB-HDB18803822HANA: persistence startup error: Cannot lock file20130701ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-UPG18807211Upgrade fails for a few Custom Storage Connectors20130701Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18810051New HANA extractors for volume IO statistics20130701Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-DBA18811172End-to-End Trace For XS Engine Applications20130701Help for error analysisCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18763982Netzwerkkonfiguration f¸r System Replication in HANA SP620130630Installation informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18774802Incorrect CODE_SIZE20130629Program errorRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-INS166120225Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA20130628Release planning informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-SEC181372417HANA SSO/Kerberos: create keytab and validate conf20130628Installation informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-UPD18205881SAP Release Note for SAP HANA lifecycle manager20130628Installation informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18625061HANA: Statisticsserver runs out of memory (OOM) after after SPS0520130628How ToNormal
BC-DB-DB6-CCM18799472DBA Cockpit: Laufzeitfehler CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR im DBA Log20130628Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18799681HANA: connection "R/3*" not accepted with TREX_EXT functions20130628Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-BAC18805031SAP HANA studio compatibility error for recovery20130628Workaround for missing functionalityRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB16941574SHDB: Conversion of data types from HANA DB to ABAP20130627Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-POR181409713RSHDB: Development RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY NW7.30 SP1020130627Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-POR181433914SHDB: Development tool classes NW7.30 SP1020130627Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18793651BW on HANA: Cube name is truncated in TREX_EXT_AGGREGATE20130627Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-MOD18793911Can't open Analytic view after remove columns in an Attribute View20130627ProblemNormal
BC-HAN18794081AFL missing on SAP HANA System20130627ProblemNormal
BC-HAN-MOD18800601Not able to give Alias name in Analytic View20130627ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB-DBA18800711Fail over name server cannot start20130627ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB18801271Index Server crashes on startup with OOM error20130627ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB17278592How to trace the HANA jdbc driver on a client?20130626How ToNormal
BC-HAN-LTR182471026Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP4 / 2010 SP920130626Installation informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-POR18504803Basis: SMIGR_CREATE_DDL with table placement option20130626Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-HAN-LTR18690322SLT (2011 SP04/2010 SP09) - NON SAP - Correction 1020130626Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18698544SLT (2011 SP04/2010 SP09) - NON SAP - Correction 1120130626Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18708582HANA Alerts related to file system utilization20130626ProblemNormal
BC-HAN-LTR18777881jobname parameter fix20130626Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18215207replace PUT_TADIR_INSERT with TR_TADIR_INTERFACE - 2 part20130625Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18625842BW on HANA: support of grouping objects20130625PerformanceRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-DB417059995IBM i: HANA Integration20130624ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-INS-UNX17069309Inst. SAP Sys. Based on NW 7.3 and higher: SAP HANA DB, UNIX20130624Installation informationCorrection with high priority
BC-INS-NT17069319Inst. SAP Sys. Based on NW 7.3 and higher: SAP HANA DB, Win20130624Installation informationCorrection with high priority
SV-SMG-SER173697646Sizing Report for BW on HANA20130621Program errorRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-LTR17688057SAP LT Replication Server: Collective Note - non-SAP Sources20130621FAQRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-POR18482021SHDB: Selection options lead to wrong selections20130621Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18492973ReleaseTime of Resource $res$ has most significant bit20130621Help for error analysisCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB-UPG18742585Upgrade with Fiber Channel Storage Connector(FcClient) fails20130621Upgrade informationCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18743085SLT (2011 SP04 / 2010 SP09) - Correction 1620130621Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-HAN-MOD-SRV18768791Calculated Attribute of Calculaton View missing (rev 60)20130621ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18772251No SAP HANA SQL trace being generated20130621ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB175539610Released DT solutions for SAP HANA with disk replication20130620FAQRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB17863841Missing secondary indexes for SAP HANA DB20130620PerformanceCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18754361HANA: short dump in TREX_EXT_LIST_ATTR_DEFINITIONS20130620Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18755872SLT (2010 SP09) - Correction 120130620Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18756021SQL-Fehler "257-sql syntax error" in MVNTTRANS20130620Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-UPG18756623Upgrade with Fiber Channel Storage Connector(FcClient)20130620Upgrade informationCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18759731SAP HANA Studio: Kernel Profiler Trace20130620How ToNormal
BC-HAN-SL-STP17715913SAP HANA Appliance Software SPS 05 Release Note20130619Installation informationCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18596843Basis corrections for HANA DB, 7.30 SP10, 7.31 SP820130619Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18677834XFS Data Inconsistency Bug with SLES 11 SP220130619External errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18753381SLT: Table structure changes are not replicated20130619Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB17141542Performance improvement for DD_EXISTS_DATA20130618Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB17655342Basis corrections for SAP HANA DB, 7.30 SP 9, 7.31 SP 620130618Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18341535HANA high availability disaster tolerance config20130618ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18431391R3load/HANA: Decluster: Error Invalid numeric value20130618Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18691422SAP HANA appliance: Revision 57 of SAP HANA database20130618Upgrade informationCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18731152SAP HANA appliance: Revision 58 of SAP HANA database20130618Upgrade informationCorrection with high priority
BC-OP-AIX18732772Hanging Work processes on SAP Application Servers20130618Help for error analysisRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18737293createoderby.jar to optimize the export during systemcopy.20130618ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-MDX18750341MS Excel kann keine HANA Modelle mit Variablen konsumieren20130618ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB17108327HANA BW: I_RESULT_INDEX_NAME with TREX_EXT_AGGREGATE20130617Program errorCorrection with low priority
BW-SYS-DB-HDB172998839SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA - Checklist Tool20130617ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18468723No space left on device error reported from HANA20130617External errorRecommendations/additional info
BW-WHM-DST18474319SAP NetWeaver BW ABAP Routine Analyzer20130617ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-ENG18572021SQL Execution of calculation views20130617ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-LTR18680611SLT (2011 SP04 / 2010 SP09) - Correction 1520130617Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-MOD-SRV18740771Migration failure on BIMC_VARIABLE in Hana Rev 57 and 5820130617Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-MOD17642516Documentation- Importing BW Models in SAP HANA Modeler20130614Advance developmentCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB-POR18155473Row/ColumnStore check without rowstorelist.txt20130614Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18361532Truncation of trailing zeros of fix point decimal20130614CustomizingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-POR18473691SMIGR_CREATE_DDL: Authorization check for file access20130614Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-HAN-MOD18730551View Editor: Error while opening generated views20130614Workaround for missing functionalityRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18738011Unsupported Transaction management and Session management statements with SAP H20130614ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB17492824DSO activation terminates with SQL error 12920130613Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18343112HANA: support of fulltext index with TREX_EXT func. modules20130613Special developmentCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18640983More restrictive datatype checking in Calculation Views20130613ModificationCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18673243SAP HANA Database: Deactivating the Script Server20130613ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18727461Model cardinality affects query results20130613ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-DBA16510553Scheduling SAP HANA Database Backups in Linux20130612ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB17874892SAP HANA Database: Performance Trace20130611FAQRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB-SEC18373314HOWTO HANA DB SSO Kerberos/ Active Directory20130611Help for error analysisRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB18558056Recommended SLES 11 packages for HANA support on OS level20130611Help for error analysisRecommendations/additional info
BC-OP-LNX-IBM165004616IBM SAP HANA Appliance Operations Guide20130610Help for error analysisCorrection with high priority
BC-EHP-INS175826611SAP Release Note for SL Toolset 1.0 SPS0720130610Release planning informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-UPD17944655Change HANA Edition on HANA SP04 system20130610Installation informationRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-LTR183044210SLT (2010 SP08/2011 SP03) NONSAP- Oracle check primary index20130610Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB17942979Secondary Indexes for the business suite on HANA20130607PerformanceCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18661351Query terminates with: merging multi value dicts is not implemented, please mak20130607ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB18701962Signal 11 on TRexConfig::CachedMetaData::getLock20130607Program errorRecommendations/additional info
BC-DB-HDB17098383BW 7.3 on HANA: System copy using backup and recovery20130606ConsultingRecommendations/additional info
BC-EHP-INS17933456Sizing for Suite on HANA20130606PerformanceRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-LTR18557123SLT (2011 SP04 / 2010 SP09) - Correction 0820130606Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18631985SLT (2011 SP04/2010 SP09) - NON SAP - Correction 0920130606Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB18701061Conditional SAP HANA client support for Redhat20130606ProblemNormal
BC-OP-LNX-IBM166114613IBM Check Tool for SAP HANA appliances20130605Help for error analysisRecommendations/additional info
BC-HAN-LTR18627742SLT (2011 SP04 / 2010 SP09) - Correction 1320130605Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB-POR175472910SHBD: Consistency checking for distributed HANA systems20130604Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18600423BW on HANA: show key figure & view attribute for temp. views20130604Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-DB-HDB18606101ADBC Bulk Insert stops at the first DUPLICATE20130604Program errorCorrection with medium priority
BC-HAN18671982Top 10 SAP KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) for SAP HANA for 2013 - ordered by mo20130604ProblemNormal
BC-DB-HDB18675261HANA: bulk insert with TREX_EXT_SEND_INDEX_REQUESTS fails20130604Program errorCorrection with low priority
BC-HAN-LTR18461123SLT (2010 SP08/2011 SP03) - Correction 1720130603Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-DB-HDB-DBA18645061_SYS_STATISTICS tables only show size statistics for a limited set of tables20130603ProblemNormal
BC-HAN-LTR18645253SLT (2011 SP04 / 2010 SP09) - Correction 14 Inconsistencies20130603Program errorCorrection with high priority
BC-HAN-LTR18645264SLT (2011 SP03 / 2010 SP08) - Correction 18  Inconsistencies20130603Program errorCorrection with high priority


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