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Near Zero Downtime Maintenance for SAP Process Integration (nZDM PI) available on Service Marketplace

Good news regarding downtime minimization of Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware maintenance.
With SL Toolset SP07 SP implemenattaion is also possible for SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31. The Lifecycle Management tool nZDM for PI (dual stack) has been  shipped since end of 2012 and no additional license fee is needed!

The nZDM tool for PI is designed to reduce the business downtime for applying support packages on PI Dual Stack systems. nZDM tool for PI is  proven by customers and successfully used in several productive environments.


Quick facts on nZDM PI (dual stack):

  • Target Products: SAP PI dual stack 7.10, 7.11, 7.30 and 7.31
  • Supported platforms: Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 LUW, Max DB, SAP ASE
  • Availability of business critical functions in the productive environment during most of the maintenance process duration
  • Reduction of the technical downtime for implementing SP stacks on a SAP PI dual stack system to basically one system restart and subsequent activities (~ 30 - 60 minutes)
  • Flexibility in downtime, the SP application is prepared in a separate system. The overall business downtime is independent of number and size of the SPs
  • Risk mitigation, potential issues during actual SP application do not affect the business downtime

For more  information about needed patch level, supported systems etc. see SAP Note 1435235 and the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) on the SAP Service Marketplace.

How does nZDM for PI work?

The nZDM PI tool does not replace the existing PI implementation procedure for SP’s, which is explained in the PI user documentation. It is a tool to ensure a technical downtime which is nearly similar to a re-start of the PI system, approximately 30 - 60 minutes in customer projects.


First of all, when you start with the SP application with the help of nZDM tool for PI, you change the productive PI to the “business-only”-mode. So, the production system is up and all scenarios are still executable.
When the nZDM PI procedure is executed all SP applying activities are moved to a separate “clone system”. A better word for this second system is “update system”, because it is not a full copy of the existing productive system; it is focused on a minimum set of data which are needed for the SP stack. The SP application is executed on the “update system”, a small SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and AS Java system (8 GB).

The nZDM PI tool is divided into 6 steps and each step is run in an automated way, controlled by a guided procedure.  
The following graphic shows the 6 steps:


nZDM-PI_Overview 2.JPG



In step 5 the updated tables are moved as shadow tables to the production system and a consistency check is started. All this is executed when the PI is  still up. A user dialog and a log file explains found issues and we recommend to check potential found issues with the help of note 1435235 and in cooperation with us.
When all activities went fine you follow the standard PI system procedure to shutdown the production system. The switch of the updated system needs app. 5 minutes. Afterwards, you follow the standard PI system procedure to start up the system again.

Finally when the productive PI system is fully available for some days you can start the final step 6 to clean up the system.

With the help of nZDM tool for PI it is possible to reduce significantly the downtime of a dual stack PI system. For PI SPs the tool does not offer a full clone, therefore hardware requirements are reduced to a minimum as well.


How to get nZDM for PI?

As already mentioned, there is no separate license fee for using the nZDM PI tool. nZDM PI is part of the SL Toolset 1.0 SP6 or higher and can be download from the SAP Service Market Place:



Further information


When to use the nZDM tool for PI? An overview about the PI process scenarios and maintenance solutions for it is described in following the How-to guide:


For more information see the overview slide deck in SCN:


SAP NetWeaver PI information in SCN you find here:


We appreciate any feedback and questions regarding functionality and usability.


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