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Renato Okamoto is the Ultimate Data Geek!

2nd place: Richard Matyas

3rd place: Michael Harand


To everyone that participated and earned the title of being a Data Geek, remember, that is a title that can never be stripped from you, wear it proud!


Thank you to everyone's participation -- whether you submitted an entry, viewed an entry, voted or made it into the finals. It was a tough fight to find the top 3 and I appreciate all your efforts in rallying votes from your friends and collegues. Our goal was to let people know the wonders of SAP Visual Intelligence so thank you to everyone's hard work!


PLUS, see how the whole Data Geek Challenge unfolded:



We would like to thank everyone that participated in the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge! Our judges have looked through all the submissions and after much deliberation, they have narrowed down all the submissions to the top 10!


These entrants have now entered the final battle zone where the fate of their entry is now placed in the hands of the public! You will decide who will emerge as the Ultimate Data Geek. So place your vote! The voting poll will be open until midnight on January 13, 2013.




Step 1: View the final entries.

Note: Entries are listed in the order they were submitted.


Step 2: Cast your vote.

Show your support by voting for your favorite entry. Choose carefully as you can only make one selection. You will not be able to vote again or change your selection. Voting poll will be open until midnight on January 13, 2013. Vote here:


Step 3: Tell your friends!

Tell as many people as possible so they can help weigh in on the final outcome. Tweet it, email it, share the link to this page somehow!




AUSDA Nutrient Data Analysis by Andrew Fox


SDN Points by Robert Russell

NBA by Jamie Oswald

Paralympics by Simon Trill

Travel and Tourism by Jansi Rani Murugesan

NHL Amout Paid x Performance Analysis by Renato Okamoto

Looking at States Energy Data by Sharma V

Your Chances in Winning the Lottery by Richard Matyas

Climate Change Analysis by Michael Harand,%20Bubble.png

Student Course Work and Exams by Michael Anywar



Vote for the Ultimate Data Geek here:


Thank you to everyone participating in the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge!


Stay tuned to see who wins...


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