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SAP Business Warehouse 7.4

This page provides  information,  about the new functionalities provided with SAP  Business Warehouse 7.4 in general and the new functionalities of SAP  BW powered by SAP HANA provided with SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 - SP 08.




SAP BW 7.4 on SAP HANA / The  In-Memory Data Fabric


Release of SAP BW 7.4 SP8

SAP BW 7.4 SP8 powered by SAP HANA is the next milestone for enterprise data warehousing with BW on HANA and provides  the next level of simplification for BW .In addition, SAP BW on Hana’s Virtual Data Warehouse capabilities have been enhanced for even more flexibility.

The further push down of transformations and OLAP capabilities  are next steps for excellent data Load –  and Analysis performance.

Customers focusing on the planning capabilities will benefit from the enhanced Planning application Kit  and FOX usability.


Extended Storage and Dynamic Tiering

In his blog Thomas Zurek resolves the confusion around the terminology of extended storage and dynamic tiering within HANA. Further details can be found in the presentation attached to SAP Note 1983178.(SMP Login required)


You can register for the openSAP SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA course now!

Listen to Marc Hartz and Ulrich Christ introducing the renewed concepts and possibilities when SAP BW 7.4 SP8  is powered by SAP HANA. They’ll introduce the major guiding points and semantics of a data warehouse and demonstrate them in a business scenario, directly in the system. You will learn and experience the latest developments, with SAP BW 7.4 SP 8 powered by SAP HANA, as well as opportunities for real-time data integration and agile data modelling. You will see what it means to consume the data via a data warehouse and how SAP HANA helps to speed up data analysis. Enjoy!



Highlights of SAP BW 7.4 SP8 powered by SAP HANA


Virtual Data Warehouse

  • Next level Open ODS Views

  • Additional CompositeProvider scenarios


  • Advanced DataStore Object consolidating DataStore Objects and InfoCubes

  • HANA model generation for BW Queries

  • Common user experience for data modeling

Big Data

  • SAP HANA dynamic tiering for SAP BW

  • Enhanced operations and Query optimization for NLS


  • Next level of performance in data staging for BW on HANA

  • Further push down of OLAP capabilities


  • Planning application Kit (PAK) feature complete with BW-IP

  • Enhanced FOX productivity and usability


Additional Information:

  • Upgrade to SAP Business Warehouse 7.40

    SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (not only on SAP HANA) continues to be the  cornerstone of SAP's strategic vision for enterprise data warehousing providing organizations a solid data foundation to capture, store, transform and manage data in a scalable, enterprise-ready data warehouse. See this presentation to understand the mayor steps for a successful upgrade to SAP Business Warehouse 7.40 SP06 and higher

  • BW-IP/PAK Enhancements with SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SP8

This presentation mainly lists the removed limitations of the PAK by revision, explains the FOX enhancements for IP, shows how the support of the CompositeProvider in addition to the MultiProvider works, and describes the new master data maintenance UI based on WebDynpro.


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