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SAP Mentor Magic Foundation

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Principles upon which the SAP Mentor magic is built.

Collaboratively written years ago and revised in 2014 by the SAP Mentors.


Lead by Example

  • Be humble. Be helpful. Show respect and empathy with everyone.
  • As an SAP Mentor we are expected to be a peer mentor.
    We are not better or worse than anyone else. Help people overcome problems by sharing positive examples.
  • We represent the SAP Mentors and conduct ourselves accordingly.
  • Own the right to be the voice of the community by being more active than most.
  • Surprise us and everyone.



  • It is the spark that ignites the people around us.
  • Share the love.


Constructive in Our Criticisms

  • Criticism should be fact-based and objective - not subjective.
  • Voice criticisms directly to SAP first.
  • We use the private SAP Mentor space to socialize our views. We gain insights and can strengthen our case.
  • SAP gets a chance to react.
  • We owe it to the community to voice publicly afterwards
  • With criticism comes suggestions for practical solutions.

Be Humble

  • No culture of entitlement
    • As an SAP Mentor we are entitled to nothing from SAP - not even a shirt.
    • As an SAP Mentor we are entitled to nothing from anyone who is not SAP.
  • Be aware that Mark Finnern begs, borrows and steals each year just to get complimentary entry to SAPPHIRE, SAP TechEd, d-code, etc.
    These tickets are not a right, they are a gift. And just because we got the gift last year does not mean we will get it next year.
  • Be aware that SAP executives meet with us because they see value and want to - not because they have to.
    Show respect by being there and giving our full attention.
  • We are the voice of the community. Be active to know what it is.



  • Get out and talk to people!
  • Share experiences.
  • Respect opinions of others.
  • Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.
  • All public SAP Mentor events gain from the inclusion of non SAP Mentors.


Deep Curiosity

  • We go beyond our area of expertise.
  • Explore the large world of SAP, business and technology and make new connections.
  • The interesting stuff is happening at the intersection of different disciplines.
    Let's play there and cross pollinate.
  • Hang out with folks beyond our comfort zone of expertise, intellect, culture.


Full of Gratitude


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  • Don't take ourselves too seriously.
  • The level of trust that the SAP Mentors have with each other enables us to jam/experiment, or even fail with SAP.
    SAP Mentors are jamming the SAP culture.
  • Playfulness is not a requirement to become an SAP Mentor, but you have to be OK with other SAP Mentors being playful. As an SAP Mentor you don't need to be playful, but is support other Mentor's playfulness.
  • Great example of mostly SAP Mentor driven playfulness were the legendary SCNotties 30 seconds of recognition videos including awards ceremony.


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