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SCN Gamification Known Issues

This is a list of general known issues for gamification on SCN. Some are bugs, some are enhancements needed to the platform. Please also check  the SCN Release Notes for regular updates on bug fixes and new features, and refer to the SCN Known Issues list for general SCN issues, not related to gamification.




- Email notifications are not available (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: SCN members no longer get an email when they level up (e.g. from Bronze to Silver). But there is a notification in the Activity stream



User Management:
- No tool is available to consolidate user IDs (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: If a community member changes company and/or user ID, the new ID cannot be merged with the old user ID, points and content cannot be transferred



Missions, Points and Expertise:

- Additional "Unliked" points removed when a document is removed (Jive case 304938)

Results: User loses more points than it should be

Update on 5/19/2014: Fixed

- Only in Internet Explorer 10 and 11: Under User Profile Reputation Tab > Missions, users cannot flip a mission tile to review the mission requirements.

Results: User unable to review mission requirements in order to complete a mission.

5/19/2014 update: Issues fixed for IE 10, pending check in Please clear your browser cache before checking yourselves.


- Discrepancy between Lifetime Points in Reputation Tab and Lifetime Points in Ranking leaderboard (BUG) (referenced by /casethread/281795 -> /casethread/283341 ?)

Results: For some users, the points are not the same.

Update on 5/19/2014: Scripts are running to fix the discrepancies.


- Issue with points in spaces (Reputation Tab > Expertise) (BUG) (/casethread/300121 -> causing /casethread/332514)

Results: In some rare cases, a person has negative points in a topic space. We are working to resolve this issue with high priority.


- Point assignment in a "category" (space) needs to be improved. If the last requirement completed by a user in a site-wide mission involves content, the points awarded for completing that mission are assigned to the space where that content lives (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: If I complete "First Steps" by liking a good piece of content in Sustainability, the points for the mission will go to the Sustainability space.

Desired behavior: points for completing a site-wide mission should be assigned to lifetime points

- In the User profile Reputation tab, the expertise area shows spaces where users participate in (i.e. write something) instead of spaces where users have points. Also, the list is not showing spaces where users have most points first (ENHANCEMENT)

Results: Spaces with 0 points may be showing because not all participation gives points


- When content is moved, the points received for the content are not moved to the new space/point category (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: The points will stay in the space where the content used to live, and therefore the Space card in the Expertise section of the reputation tab and the Leaderboards may show outdated point information

- Profile completion cannot be tracked and be part of a mission (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: cannot be part of the onboarding missions (Ready, Set, Go)


- Ability to disable points in a space is not available (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: Try SCN Features space has been taken down



- 12-month rolling point calculation reset in all spaces on Jan 1, 2014. Jive and Bunchball are working to resolve this, no ETA yet. (BUG)

Result: In all spaces everyone started from scratch again on the first day of 2014. Their points stay in their profile, but their listing in the leaderboard was reset on January 1.

5/19/2014 update: Issue fixed for all spaces created after February 2014.

- 12-month rolling point calculation doesn't work in spaces created after April 28 (gamification launch). Jive and Bunchball are working to resolve this, no ETA yet. (BUG) (/casethread/275207)

Result: In these spaces everyone starts from scratch again on the first day of each month. Their points stay in their profile, but their listing in the leaderboard is reset every first day of the month.

5/19/2014 update: Investigating a fix for leaderboards in spaces created between early May 2013 and early February 2014)


Point history:

- The URL of the content is missing (BUG)

Result: It's difficult to find which content you got points for

Fixed with release on 06-16-2013 (see SCN Release Notes)

10-10-2013 update: Currently a problem again for points earned before 09-22-2013. We are working to resolve this issue with high priority. Fixed

- The history does not show negative points when content is removed, or actions are reverted (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: It is not clear why your lifetime point level goes down. Moderators cannot check that they indeed removed points for a user.



User Interface/User Experience:

- The badges that a user earned are only visible to the user him/herself. Users cannot see achieved badges in the achievement bar in other users' reputation tabs (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: Other members cannot see your badges in your reputation tab

- The badges dragged into the Me in 3 section are removed from the achievement bar in the User profile Reputation tab instead of being "copied" (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: You no longer see all your badges in the reputation tab achievement bar, there are 1, 2 or 3 in the "Me in Three" selection

- Points are not clearly identified as lifetime points in certain areas of the interface. (ENHANCEMENT)  in question are:
     in the points display at the top of the page (in the masthead)
     on the Reputation tab, in the Level drop-down
     on the Reputation tab, in the Expertise section

Result: May generate confusion

- Hover-over doesn't work on a mobile device (BUG)

Result: Users cannot see the level dropdown in the User profile > Reputation tab > Achievement bar at the top


- User hover card is not available in the Ranking Leaderboards (User profile Reputation tab) (ENHANCEMENT)

Result: You can't access the user profile easily from this page

- User profile Reputation Tab, Ranking: The members shown under Following are a randomly selected set of members from the user's list of members he/she follows. Same with the Followers section--it's a randomly selected set of members from the user's list of members who follow him/her

Result: You may not see the people closest to you in terms of points (ENHANCEMENT)

- User profile Reputation Tab, Ranking: There are sometimes gaps in the lists of members ranked above and below the user under Everyone, even in cases where these members do not have the same number of points (in cases of ties, the gap is directly relatable to the number of people who have the same points in the ranking list). (BUG) (/casethread/320340)

Result: The set of five members shown above and below you might not be exact


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