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Innovation is more than developing software - it's developing breakthrough technologies and best practices. The following blogs on Innovation, through SAP Services cover various topics and industries that include: design thinking, banking, SAP HANA, organizational change management and manufacturing.


Our bloggers are experienced SAP consultants thought leaders in their specified industries throughout the world. They blog from first hand experiences with their customers on using SAP software for innovation.  The below blog posts cover the topical industries.



Business Innovation - What really counts by Werner Wagner , April 3, 2012



Innovation? Yes, but please after working hours! by Daniel Brunnett , April 2, 2012



Innovation Management - More than the Generic Ideas to Product - Part  I: Technology Management by Daniel Brunnett , April 12, 2012



Part II: Idea Management is Dead, Long Live Management by Daniel Brunnett , June 28, 2012



The end of the Dark Knight for Product Managers ?! by Daniel Brunnett , August 28, 2012



If you have a problem innovating, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can staff an A-team by Daniel Brunnett, October 26, 2012



99 Problems but the innovation ain't one by Daniel Brunett,  December 12, 2012



Alert Management Interface Eaxample: Real-Time ECC-NW-Data Services/ BOBJ-BI, HANA data by Alexandra Weber, Feburary 20, 2012



Organizational Readiness for Organizational Change by Alexandra Weber, March 20, 2012



HANA is the Most Innovative Industry and LOB Leader Currently on the Market by Alexandra Weber,  March 21, 2012



Public Sector Funds Management Reconciliation by Alexandra Weber, March 21, 2012



My Recent Re-dials to the Design Thinking by Alexandra Weber,  March 22, 2012



Better Projects Implementations are Managed with Better Mathematics by Alexandra Weber, March 25, 2012



Learn from the famous by Alexandra Weber, April 2, 2012



How the Red Queen Kills Manufacturing Companies! by Peter Mittemeyer, May 21, 2012



Change Drivers: Se*x (Part 1) by Sanja Kopajtic, September 30, 2012



Understanding SAP Organizational Change Management: Does your company use a rubber or a hammer when implementing change? by Sanja Kopajtic



Change Drivers: Money (Part 2) by Sanja Kopajtic, December 12, 2012



Customer Segmentation with HANA - Prototyping with an unexpected catch by Gert Schick, September 24, 2012



A roadmap for integrated capital stress - testing by Drazen Tomic



In Memoriam Retail Bank Loyalty: Divorce, churn and HANA by Stephen Wood, September 13, 2012



Real Value from Real-Time Analytics: Why customers will fund banks In-Memory projects by Stephen Wood, September 13, 2012



Why HANA can accelerate your bank's journey towards customer centricity by Ismail Serin, October 8, 2012



Fail early and often with Design Thinking for retail banking by Ismail Serin, December 20, 2012



Improved liquidity management pays its way twice over by Ismail Srin, January 25, 2012



How knowledge management can help Noeledge Management by Jens Obermann, November 27, 2012


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