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How to Join The Data Geek Challenge





How to Join:

The Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data Challenge is now closed. If you wish to still submit your Data Visualization entries, you can fill out the submission form and they will be uploaded and showcased on the Data Geek library.

Step 1: Download SAP Lumira or SAP Predictive Analysis.


Step 2: Grab your data or use on from our Data Geek Samples Library.


Step 3: Create your data story and document your process with videos or screen shots. Create a blog post on the SAP Community Network (SCN) and post your findings. Don’t have an account on the SCN? No problem, click here to register.


Step 4: Share your Data Geek analysis via SAP Lumira Cloud with the SAP Data Geek via Twitter Follow @SAPLumira


Step 5: Fill out the submission form.


Watch this video on how to enter:


Data Geek FAQ's

Not sure what to create?

Check out the examples in the SAP Lumira Gallery.


What is the Data Geek Challenge?

The Data Geek Challenge is a movement by the data community to discover and tell the most compelling stories using data. New data visualization technologies allow us to uncover value from our data and discover new meaning. The Data Geek Challenge urges us to demonstrate how we can turn data into meaningful insight that allows us to take action and that will ultimately lead to change however big or small.


Who can participate?

Anyone can participate, including SAP employees, partners, customers, and students.


Is there an ultimate winner or something?

Lumira is looking for a team of Data Geek super heroes, learn more about the Geek Squad and the 5 categories of Data Geek entry winners. 


How many times can you enter?

As many times you like, more than one data geek entry is encouraged, but only one t-shirt per person.


Not sure how to get started?

The best place to begin creating a data geek entry is to start with what interests you. View this gallery to see what other Data Geeks have created, it might spark some creative ideas for your own Data Geek entry.


I want to enter but I don’t know how SAP Lumira or SAP Predictive Analysis works?

Learn more about SAP Lumira

Learn more about SAP Predictive Analysis


What is the Data Geek Gallery?

The Data Geek Gallery is a library of data stories from Data Geeks around the world. The gallery is split up into categories including:

  • Sports &Entertainment
  • Data for Social Good
  • Health and Science
  • Business
  • People & Places


Visit the Data Geek Gallery to become inspired of what possibilities can come from your data.



Questions about the challenge? Email: or via Twitter @SAPLumira


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