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NEW Beta - SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data

Read Ryan Champlin's blog on this new product that is currently available in beta.


The EIM Bulletin

The EIM Bulletin is a timely and regularly-updated information source providing links to hot issues, new documentation, and upcoming events of interest to users and administrators of SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), SAP Data Services (DS), and SAP Information Steward (IS).


EIM Customer Virtual Coffee Corner

Please join the EIM Support Team during our next Customer Virtual Coffee Corner session!


EIM Meet the Experts Sessions

The EIM Meet the Expert Sessions have been created to provide opportunities for SAP Enterprise Support and Max Attention customer to obtain in-depth knowledge regarding multiple EIM products. Come register for our next session!


What Is Dirty Data Costing You?

Intrinsically, you know that you need good data. But how far do you need to go? What are the real costs incurred if you DON’T have clean data? Check out this new SAP Data Quality infographic, which highlights the probably extent of your data quality problems, and the costs associated with those problems. This blog by Ina Felsheim also links to the popular Information Governance infographic.


EIM Integration Use Cases

Read Ina Felsheim's blog to find out about integration use cases related to SAP Data Services, Information Steward and Master Data Governance.

Innovations in SAP Master Data Governance 8.0

To find out about the innovations that have come with SAP MDG, release 8.0, read the SCN blog by Markus Kuppe and the complementary blog by Steffen Ulmer. 9 November 2015

SAP Master Data Governance in 3 Minutes

Learn what SAP Master Data Governance is all about by watching these new videos


Key Things to Know When Updating BI and Installing Information Steward

SAP analytics customers have benefitted from the fact that our SAP BI applications and our Information Management solutions – SAP Data Services (DS) and SAP Information Steward (IS) – share a common platform, called the Business Intelligence Platform or BIP. Thanks to these shared platform services, administrators have a single environment for creating and maintaining users, but there are some constraints. In this blog, Paul Medaille points out some key dependencies that customers need to know.


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