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Analyzing Spanish Football League using SAP Lumira

by Carlos Pinto Camarero



Analyzing flight delays with SAP Lumira

by Julien Delvat








Predicting Tour de France stage wins using SAP Predictive Analysis

Author: Dirk Kemper


Do you think you can predict who will win the Tour De France?


Dirk uses SAP Predictive Analysis to see how a spectator could go about doing so!




Let's Predict Olympics - Rio 2016 Part-1

Author: Durgamadhab Mishra


The 2016 Rio Olympics are only a few years away!


Durgamadhad uses SAP Predictive Analysis to predict the winners of the Olympics.





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Author: Suseelan Hari


Hari is a big fan of cricket, but even a bigger fan of Sachin Tendulkar. See how he uses SAP Lumira to analyze Sachin's career.


Analysing Population Growth in Australia over last decade


What is the trend of the population growth in Australia over the last decade? Which States contribute to the population trends? Using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Amlan tries to find answers using SAP Lumira.





Analyzing US gun crime statistics using SAP Lumira


Using the latest data from FBI Uniform crime reports, Ganugapenta analyzes US gun crime stats using SAP Lumira.





The Cause and Effect of Increase in Motor Vehicles


After his recentnly becoming a owner of a 2 wheeler vehicle, Vamsi got interested to analyze the cause and effect of increase in motor vehicles. Check out his experience!





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Can you reduce the risk of cancer by changing Habits

Author: Durgamadhab Mishra


Durgamadhab wants to see if there is any correlation of a food habit and exercise with breast cancers in females in the US aged 16-64. See what he finds out using SAP Lumira!





Evaluating the number of Hybrid Cars between 2007 and 2012

Author: Thiago Luttig


Do you have a hybrid car?



Yathish evaluates the number of Hybrid cars between 2007 and 2012.






HIV prevalence around the world

Author: Nameeth RamanMithun Sandeep Korlepara


At the end of 2011, an estimated 34 million people were living with HIV worldwide, with two-thirds of them living in sub-Saharan Africa. Mithun has collected the data of HIV pervalence in all the counties for the last 35 years and tries to analyze it using SAP Lumira!




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Analyzing Workforce distribution Report with SAP Lumira - The BI Revoultion

Author: Varun mankodi


Varun analyzes workforce distribution reports with SAP Lumira. See how easy he finds out the product works!






ST22 Dump Analysis using SAP Predictive Analysis

Author: Muralikrishnan ERahul Mahajan


Using SAP Predictive Analysis Rahul has some unanswered questions about dumps (code term).


See if he was able to solve them!




World's Top 10 Software Companies

Author: Konstantin AnikeevSuseelan Hari


Using SAP Lumira application, Suseelan has generated some graphical representations which shows top 10 software companies ranked by annual revenue & software revenue.





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Whales Encounters in Australia

Author: Anurag ChopraNguyen Van Thao


Nguyen loves to travel and what better place to go than Australia!


Using SAP Lumira, he tries to see where the best spots to whale watch in Australia are!





Fun: The future of David Hasselhoff

Author: Gareth RyanPeter Wilfahrt


Are you a David Hasselhoff fan?


We'll you might like the sounds of this analysis. Peter determines  the future of Davids career using SAP Predictive Analysis.





How SAP Lumira finalized my Dream Destination Countries

Author: Abhijeet mukkawar


Want to go on vacation, but don't know where?


Abhijeet turns to SAP Lumira for some guidance!




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