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Featured Content for SAP Predictive Analytics

Q2 Top 10 SAP Predictive Analytics Community Articles

by Julie HORVILLE - Take advantage of summer to discover what you missed the last quarter!

Announcing Predictive Analytics sessions at ASUG SAP Analytics & BusinessObjects Conference #SABOUC

by Abdel DADOUCHE - Build your agenda now!

From R to Custom PA Component Part 5

by Louis de Gouveia - A series of blog posts explaining how to create a Predictive Analytics component!


How does Automated Analytics do it? The magic behind creating predictive models automatically

by Andreas Forster - Understand the fundamental concept behind the automated approach.

Predictive on SAP HANA: Alphabet Soup or Peanut Butter & Jelly?

by Ashish Morzaria - Want to learn more about the predictive capabilities available in SAP HANA? Read this post!


Announcing ASUG SAP Predictive Analytics Council Launch - Roadmap Preview

by Tammy Powlas & Charles Gadalla - This council will focus on Eploratory Analytics. Learn more here & join the program: volunteer recruitment is now!


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