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The Data Geek Squad




This year the Data Geek Challenge will have five category winners forming a team of Data Geek super heroes that will join together to help Lumira fight back against the Lord of Dark Data. US participants have a chance to enter the Big Data Geek Challenge to win some BIG prizes.


Big Data Boss




Big Data Boss – Mutated from the a mysterious data explosion, The Big Data Boss smashes data together with ease and knows how to quickly gain insights from a range of big data sources. BecomeThe Big Data Boss, entries will be judged on the best data story using volume of data and use of data variety.






The Predictor






The Predictor – Once a world renowned data scientist, The Predictor hasn’t been seen or heard from in years and was rumored to have created an algorithm so powerful it could foresee future events before they happened. With mind bending predictive calculations and advanced analytics, The Predictor uncovers insights never before thought envisioned. Become The Predictor, entries will be judged on the use of predictive analysis capabilities and the use of predictive algorithms included in the R library.








The Visualizer






The Visualizer – Originally a street graffiti artist, The Visualizer sees the world in a different light. Using visual models, The Visualizer tells an untold story through beautiful and compelling data visualizations. Become The Visualizer, entries will be judged on use of visual analysis, entries may include customer visual extensions.







The Sidekick






The Sidekick – Training side by side with Lumira for years, The Sidekick has a developed new data tactics to help shed light on dark data. Become The Sidekick, reserved for the best SAP partner entry, judged on the most compelling story told with data and visualization.





The Prodigy






The Prodigy – Young and talented, The Prodigy uncovers new insights for the future of civilization. BecomeThe Prodigy, reserved for the best student entry. This category is open to any college, university, or highschool student. Entries for this category will be judged on creativity, use of data, storytelling, and use of data visualization.





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