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Create a Discussion Thread

This guide provides instructions on creating discussion threads on SAP Community Network (SCN). SCN supports many different types of content.


Creating a discussion in SCN is easy. Follow the below steps.




  • Log On to SCN.
  • Click Create on the upper right-hand side of the page. Select Discussion.

  • Select a space related to the topic of your content. See: Find Topic Spaces on SCN (Forums). 



If you’re not certain where to post your discussion, use the Search box or Browse for more spaces or “places.”
  • Alternatively, go to the space most relevant to your content and click Start a discussion in the Actions box.   
Start Writing
Use these pointers to draw the most visits and highest engagement with your discussion.
  • Create a meaningful title that describes the content.
  • Write in the text editor.
  • Please use the spell checker to make sure you have no spelling errors.
  • Promote your content by adding tags and choosing a category (if available).
  • Click Post
Discussions Not Marked as Questions
Discussions are automatically marked as questions (default). You can un-mark this type of content. In that case, answers cannot be marked
as "helpful" or "correct."
These are great for sharing short announcements and notifications with other community members.
For more, watch this "Tip in a Minute"
Your discussion threads help SCN grow through new and original content. SCN rewards members’ contributions with valuable points that help build careers and reputation. For more details, read the Reputation Overview and consult The SCN Rules of Engagement for further guidance on creating SCN content.


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