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SAP Gateway for Microsoft

SAP Gateway for Microsoft




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SAP Gateway for Microsoft


SAP Gateway for Microsoft (GWM) is a product that simplifies the integration of SAP Gateway based services into Microsoft products. GWM provides an interoperability layer that makes sure that applications can communicate in a secure, reliable and scalable manner with SAP backend systems.


The GWM add-in for Visual Studio provides an extensive OData browsing functionality, a set of templates that can be used to create Contact, Calendar or Workflow-based scenarios in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 and also provides a generic service generation for any Visual Studio C# project.


The resulting project can either be used as-is (“code-free” development), or can be modified / extended to address the exact customer requirements. At the same time the created project can leverage the enterprise ready functionalities that are generated by the GWM add-in. Security, Single Sign On (e.g. X.509, SAML 2.0, …), centralized configuration (e.g. controlled via Group Policies) or logging (e.g. integration in Solution Manager) are some of the features that a .NET developer can benefit from without having to know the details.


With the latest version of SAP Gateway for Microsoft Service Pack 03, the integration of SAP data into Microsoft products is extended to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Users can authenticate against their Azure Active Directory and from there seamlessly access and work with data on their SAP system. The data from SAP can be exposed via SAP Gateway, but also from SAP HANA or SAP MII.




Getting Started/Related Resources



For the most common Outlook integration scenarios (Workflow, Contact and Calendar) templates are provided out of the box.



These templates can be used to easily create enterprise ready solution, like Credit Memo Approvals:



SAP Contact maintenance:


Or SAP Time Recording leveraging SAP Fiori services



With Service Pack 01 we also introduced an add-in to Microsoft Excel which makes updating and create data from Excel simple:



And with Service Pack 03 we are connecting to Microsoft Azure & Office 365




Want to learn more? Go to our Self Paced Learning page.



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How to Download SAP Gateway for Microsoft?

( -> Support Packages and Patches -> G -> GWPAM -> GWPAM 1.0 )

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